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This month, we take a closer look at the Cognitive Development Domain, focusing on social studies.

If youre looking for some easy and healthy dinner recipes that the whole family will enjoy, then serve up one of our nutritious soups from our Grow Fit™ menu! These recipes are perfect for kids and adults, alike! They are nutrient-rich, flavor-packed, and will give you a chance to taste some of the fresh and

By Katie Serbinski, MS, RD Once Halloween comes and goes, parents often are reminded it’s not just the spooky holiday that presents our children (and us) with sugary treats. The reality is that many celebrations from October through the New Year are accompanied by sugar, sugar and more sugar. It’s the

As the days get shorter and the trees change colors in many parts of the country, our seasonal produce starts to reflect deeper colors of burgundy, green and gold. Bring that beauty inside to your kitchen table by incorporating all these colors of fall. Not only will your table look beautiful at dinnertime, but your

In summer -- or any season -- protecting kids from the sun's harmful rays is a must. Here's what every parent should know.

With five simple ingredients and four easy steps, you can create hours of summer fun for your family. All kids love bubbles, but yours will go gaga for these gigantic ones. Step 1. Here’s how you start: 6 cups water ½ cup dish soap 1/2 cup corn starch 1

You just need four simple ingredients to make this sweet and tangy Alaskan Pollock

Whip up these simple baked pears for a special after-dinner treat

February 27 is a day to celebrate these beautiful arctic bears. Here are five fun facts that you might not have known about them

Let's be honest: Moving can be a big pain in the butt. Between packing everything you own into boxes, finding a new place that's in your budget AND near ...

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No matter how talented you are or what you've accomplished, there are certain phrases that instantly change the way people see you and can forever cast you in a negative light.

Topped with cinnamon and sugar, this fuss-free French toast bake is my favorite way to make baked French toast. Since you assemble it the previous night, you save time in the morning. If you have an extra hungry crowd, bake up a few French toast casseroles.—Sharyn Adams, Crawfordsville, Indiana

Why shop at farmers markets? Fresh, nutritious, locally grown fruits and vegetables are just a few reasons. See what this registered dietitian ...

Putting a personal touch on a gift for your mom makes it even more special, and these ideas are both useful and thoughtful. Dive into a fun project like a

Immunizations have protected millions of children from potentially deadly diseases. Learn about immunizations and find out exactly what they do - and what they don't.

by Kaitlin Williams On January 6, 2016
It’s the new year, and everything is filled with possibility. If you are a hopeful homebuyer planning on starting your search for the perfect house this year, it’s important to take a few preliminary steps to prepare for such a large purchase
Here are a few things you can do right away to get ready for your home hunt.
Get your credit in order
Before you do anything else, you’ll want to consider your credit. The…

By Andrea Lynn Nothing ushers in autumn like the vast supply of crisp apples. Use this apple-centric recipe as an afternoon snack for the kids or add granola into the mix for a twist on breakfast. Warning: devour these over a plate, as they can get a bit messy

Finding the right preschool for your child is an important step in their development. Having a formal educational experience before entering elementary school contributes significantly to their cognitive development, social skills, and autonomy. Here are five

Spring is here! The return of the sunny season means vegetables are ripe for the picking, and herbs and flowers are blooming. One of the recent trends we've seen across the hotel industry is the use of on-site gardens to produce plants that can then be incorporated into the menus at the properties' restaurants and bars. From lavender cocktails to honey-glazed wings, hotels are crafting seasonal offerings that both taste good and are beneficial to the environment. So if you want the freshest…

Leadership is a process of social influence that maximizes the efforts of others toward the achievement of a goal. I learned a lot about leadership when I was a nurse.

If you have been on the fence about going paperless in your real estate business, you should seriously consider making the switch. Here are my four must-have apps for being a productive and efficient paperless agent.

We asked U.S. parents and children about their attitudes and behaviors around reading books for fun. Learn what they had to say.

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Even a small amount of running may reduce the risk of death from heart disease, a new study suggests.

At AFAR, we believe that (nearly) anywhere in the world could be a place to go in 2013. Maybe it’s because we subscribe to the choose-your-own-adventure approach to travel. That said, the following 13 places really stand out for us this year. Some are emerging destinations just coming onto the r...