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Camp Fire doesn’t just serve young people, it’s led by them. The National Youth Advisory Cabinet (YAC) is a group of passionate high school and college students who help Camp Fire thrive. Apply today to serve on YAC!

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Come look at our lovely new homes at Lakes of Prosper - an exciting new communinty located in Prosper, TX.

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A New You Radio - Broadcasting Back-to-the-Bible media presentations 24/7!

When children leave home, you may have extra resources to invest in yourself.

Many public schools have undergone a political and
ideological transformation. Should Christian parents send their children to the public schools?

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Just how far can hackers go when targeting an Internet of Things device? Here are 6 of the most off-the-wall IoT hacks recently reported.

Nothing engages like video. Video is a powerful platform to promote your business, your services or simply to get your …

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Although Council membership is limited to 30 individuals, all Council Meetings are open to the public, and we encourage advocates, families, service providers, and other developmental disability stakeholders to attend. During public comment periods, members of the public have the opportunity to share their views and influence the discussion around topics important to our developmental disability community
Addressing Barriers to Quality Dental Care for…

The most significant privacy regulation enacted to date, the EU’s GDPR, still feels “over the horizon” to many US firms. For companies that have delayed privacy initiatives, it’s still easy to “risk rationalize” away the need to comply with GDPR. After all, there have been no penalties inflicted (yet), no precedents set, and the body overseeing the regulation is across the Atlantic. I understand …

The State of California, the fifth largest economy in the world, has just enacted the most far-reaching consumer privacy legislation in the US—giving citizens more control over how companies share and sell their personal data. ISO 27001 is manageable and not out of reach for anyone! It’s a process made up of things you already know – …

No Fault Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Philadelphia.With a No-Fault Divorce, the parties are able to go through this painful time with some degree of civility and dignity.

Yesterday we were out with friends for arafting trip down the sheep river. We ended our trip at Natures Hideaway, there is a cliff that people jump off there. Our friend Danny went to jump off the cliff and hit his ankle on an edge, he unfortunately did have a severe break. Thankfully our friend...

Come look at our lovely new homes at Jasmine Point at Lakes of Cane Bay - an exciting new communinty located in Summerville, SC.

Just because veterinary clients don't see them doesn't mean they're not there. Use this tool to help promote parasite prevention.

Deciding what to wear to Homecoming? Find the top 2018 homecoming looks, ideas & trends to inspire your HoCo outfit and create a night to remember with David's Bridal!

On a gut-level, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) makes total sense. We know young people need whole-life tools to thrive. But what does the research say? In short, Social-Emotional Learning works.

EpiPen injectors, relied on by people with life-threatening anaphylactic allergies, are in such short supply Canadian pharmacies are likely to run out of adult doses before new supplies arrive at the end of August.

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