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Saturday, the Twenty-Second day of December
in the year of our Lord 2018
At 11 o’clock in the morning
St. Stephen’s Church, Mullica Hill, New Jersey
Your prayers and presence are requested.
Preacher: The Rev. Valerie Balling

GE is creating an independent company for its software business
•The new operation, wholly owned by GE, will have about $1.2 billion of existing software revenue
•The company also agreed to sell a majority stake in software maker ServiceMax to investor Silver Lake
•The moves mark a major shift in GE’s digital strategy as new CEO Larry Culp tries to pull it out of one of its biggest crises

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice
Philippians 4:4
This coming Sunday, December 16, the Third Sunday in Advent, is traditionally known as Gaudete Sunday. The Latin word “Gaudete” literally means “rejoice.” The designation of the day as “Gaudete Sunday” is derived from the Latin mass in which Philippians 4:4, “Rejoice in the Lord always,” was sung in procession.
From the fourth or fifth century, the season of Advent was designated a penitential season, much like the season of…

Caught in the cross hairs of US-China relations, Huawei's chief financial officer bailed out of jail this week. Meng Wanzhou had been in custody for 10 days after her arrest on fraud charges. She faces up to 30 years...

Amazon is coming to New York despite the city’s transit horrors. Other companies may not be so forgiving.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has entered our daily lives with a bang. From marketing to medicine, every business and industry seems to be affected. Technology companies are competing for dominance …

TRENTON — The reckless driver accused of killing a college student in a booze-fueled crash has been released from jail on strict conditions.

TRENTON — Convicted murderer Calier Samad is facing a long prison sentence in the near future.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is gearing up to ban the medicinal plant kratom and criminalize the millions of Americans who rely on it. Kratom is a plant in the coffee family used for centuries in Southeast Asia. Millions of people in the U.S. have used kratom to overcome addiction, chronic pain and other difficult-to-treat conditions
There’s little doubt the DEA is planning to ban it any day now. It’s only a matter of time before the DEA tries to move forward. Advocates…

Adath joins Hazzan Katlin and his family in mourning Charles Katlin, their beloved father and grandfather. The funeral was in Florida. The family will sit shiva at the Katlin home from 2:00 – 4:00 PM on Friday. Their address is 41 Featherbed Court in Lawrenceville
Baruch Dayan HaEmet
We join Rudy Loewenstein in mourning the loss of his daughter-in-law Janee Loewenstein. The funeral was in…

Guaranteeing a $15 minimum wage in New Jersey is the right thing for employers to do. The governor, Senate president and Assembly speaker must find a happy middle ground in their debate to ensure a living wage for those who most need it in New Jersey. I don’t make this claim as a labor advocate, but …

We've heard so much about Russians, collusion, and porn stars, it's getting really old. If it weren't for stories about Mueller, Cohen, and Kavanaugh, many lawyers would have tuned out the saga of scandals. But now comes a presidential/legal...

By Daniel J. Munoz , December 13, 2018 at 2:07 PM
The governor’s office and Economic Development Authority approved its first nine picks for the collaborative workspaces where life science and technology startups can receive rent assistance under the NJ Ignite program, which the Murphy administration unveiled in July
Companies that set up in one of these workspaces could receive rent reimbursement for up to nine…

This morning with Ms Cara we reviewed the sound for letter L and words that begin with it. We also enjoyed reading “Furious George Goes Bananas”. With Miss Erin the children enjoyed music class. Wi…

Migrate to Cloud. Speed Up Your Digital Transformation
Cloud is the first step to Digital Transformation. We'll take you to Microsoft's Azure Cloud platform and SAP HANA at no upfront cost
Zero Upfront Investment.
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Steve Welch Is New Canon for Communications
Steve Welch, a publishing professional with extensive experience with both for-profit publishers and non-profit associations, is the new Canon for Communications for the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey. He has been serving in the position on a part-time, interim basis since September
“The Diocese of New Jersey is blessed by Steve Welch’s willingness to take the full-time position of…

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It was only a matter of time -- three years in this case. Michael Cohen should have seen it coming. He had broken tax laws, lied to a bank, and made unreported campaign contributions. But as he was sentenced...

It's been years since Jon and Kate Gosselin and their kids were in the limelight, and he says the picture is not as rosy as it once was.

Discussed on this week's 5in5: Carpenter v. US US v. Microsoft Corp. Trump v. Hawaii Jesner v. Arab Bank, PLC Murphy v. NCAA Relevant Articles Cell Phone Privacy and Warrant Requirements CLOUD Act Makes Microsoft Case Moot, Microsoft Agrees Supreme Court Backs Trump’s Travel Ban No Foreign Corp. Liability Under Alien Tort Statute SCOTUS: States Free to Allow Sports Betting Legal Limerick of the Week: You can ban a religion or race; if the law keeps a presentable face; but the meaning is…

The cloud giant promises better performance for its “tens of thousands” of customers in the region.

DIY home décor is always popular here. The simple and easy decorating projects will not cost you a lot, but a little creativity can make your home refreshing and interesting. We gathered this smart collection of home decor ideas for you, they are borderline genius! Try this one: have you ever thought that tape, origami or toilet […]