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People influence people. If you want to influence someone’s life — you need to spend time with them. I’ve found some of the most life changing conversations I’ve had was over a meal — I became more receptive to hearing advice while eating a slice of pizza

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Pyongyang: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, for the second time in less than a week, slammed international sanctions on his country, state media reported on Sunday. “The hostile forces’ persistent sanctions and obstructive

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This little Mongolian mare began her military career as a simple pack horse and ended with a promotion to Staff Sergeant!

A team of archaeologists made a startling discovery several years ago when digging through an ancient Egyptian tomb by uncovering several jars, one of which contained a white, unidentified substance , according to The New York Times. The new analysis published in the journal Analytical Chemistry now says those researchers found a 3,200-year-old piece of cheese, one of the oldest ever found. Lead author of the paper Dr. Enrico Greco of Italy's University of Catania and current research assistant

A federal appeals court ruled the Trump administration had to immediately implement an Obama-era chemical safety rule on Friday which was created after a 2013 explosion at a fertilizer plant in Texas killed 15, according to Reuters. The D.C. Circuit Court ruling was the latest loss President Donald Trump's EPA has faced, as the organization under the previous administrator Scott Pruitt tried to delay or rollback numerous environmental regulations introduced by former President Barack Obama. The

The United States placed sanctions on four top Myanmar security officials and two of the country's military units on Friday for human rights abuses carried out during the ethnic cleansing on the country's minority Muslim Rohingya communities in the Rakhine state in 2017, according to Politico. The Treasury Department announced the decision a year after the brutal forces prompted more than 700,000 Rohingya to flee Myanmar for Bangladesh. Officials had debated for months over how much to punish