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At Leritz & Plunkert, PC, our lawyers represent sureties and principals during disputes involving surety and fidelity bonds. Call 314-269-0135.

The Bar Plan Surety & Fidelity Company recently announced a new member to its' Board of Directors. Thomas J. Watson has been elected to the Board, effective immediately.

The Bar Plan Surety & Fidelity Company recently announced a new member to its' Board of Directors. Michael D. Yarber was elected to the Board, effective April 10, 2015

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Surety bonds function as insurance for your consumer and a line of credit for your business, but it can get complicated. So how does a surety bond work?

Contact Best Buy Insurance for Commercial Surety & MVD Bonds and Cheap Auto Insurance Rates. Commercial Surety at 1-855-268-2548

Alison Kickham was recently hired at The Bar Plan Surety & Fidelity Company as a Bond Underwriting Assistant. Among her duties, she will be responsible for serving as the primary customer liaison with regards to the court bond program.

Merchants Bonding Company™ recognizes Masters in surety. Congratulations to Florida Surety Bonds Inc of Maitland, FL. Thank you Jeff Rich, Susan Reich, Don B...

Under the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code (MUPC), you can administer your Probate Estate one of four (4) different ways: 1. Volun...

If you are an attorney or someone involved in a civil legal dispute or probate matter requiring a surety bond, please click below.

Surety Bonds for mortgage bankers, lenders, brokers. We secure surety bonds for almost any credit rating at competitive prices from 3 bond companies.

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The ProSure Group shares: What Is An Injunction Surety Bond? Everything you need to know about court injunctions, plus when an Injunction Bond is necessary.

Federal, state, and local governments require surety bonds in order to manage risk on construction projects and protect taxpayer dollars. However, surety bonds are not limited to public construction. Here is an introduction to surety bonds and how to use them.

As a business owner, one of the main priorities of running a successful operation is keeping expenses low. Profitability can come in a variety of forms but paying close attention to the bottom line is crucial for sustained success. This is especially true for professional landscapers, no matter how long they have been in business. […]

(NewsUSA) - A surety bond, as the name suggests, means a sure thing - at least when it comes to the financial security of construction projects. Simply put, surety bonds are similar to loans from a bank, and construction contractors who qualify for them show owners their ability to do the job right. Bonds bring successful outcomes.

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Sales Tax Bond Sales Tax Bond is not a federal surety bond but rather a state surety bond. Is a promise that the merchant will pay sales t...

In this article, you can find all the information you might require as an HVAC contractor, in terms of the nature of surety bonds and the process of obtaining them.

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