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Several top marketers were critical of the tech giant after The New York Times reported how it ignored and hid warning signs that it was being exploited to disrupt elections and spread toxic content.

For years, Facebook struck deals that gave device makers access to troves of user data. A disclosure to Congress details the company’s lax oversight of those partnerships.

Titusville Police Department’s Officers will continue to receive Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK) and specialized training on their use, thanks to the generosity and proactive efforts of Parrish Medical Center, Team Health Emergency Physicians and the Jess Parrish Medical Foundation.

Featuring Dr. Angela Bockelman of Young's Animal Hospital in Titusville, Florida. Aired October 23, 2018 on Spectrum News 13.

Sunday Messages at Freedom by Freedom Christian Center on Livestream - Livestream.com

Changing unhealthy lifestyle and health habits can help decrease your risk of developing cancer.

The Daily Beast was one of the first to cover the weirdness of hostile foreign entities posing as human actors on social media. It’s a beat that’s not going away anytime soon.

Hope everyone is having a fine day! We have a lot more grilling fish in right now (i.e Mahi, sword, amberjack). Hopefully the tropical storm won't mes with the fishing much but it definitely will in the Gulf. We also still have a 22/25 count brown shrimp for $15. Brown shrimp are very flavorful and shrimpy (in a good way).
Today's Farmer's Market

You bet your pancakes it does
Is this going to be available nationwide?
No. It’s a very exclusive limited-edition brew. It won’t even be in our restaurants. Only a select batch (about 20 barrels) has been brewed for kegs and bottles to share with our favorite bars and beer festivals in the tri-state area.
Why a pancakin’ beer?
What kind of beer is it?
Pumpkin Pancake American Stout
Pancakes are our bread and butter, so yes.
Are you going to change your name…

Just a reminder that we will not be there next Monday (Labor Day) so make sure to stock up today if you need to
Today's Farmer's Market
Canaveral Whites, 16/20ct Head-off: $16/LB
Canaveral Whites 9/12 ct, Whole: $10/LB of 4lbs for $35
Rock Split and Clean: $16/LB
Rock Meat: $16/LB
Royal Reds, 26/30ct Head-off: $2 lbs for $20
Royal Reds, 21/30ct Peeled and Deveined: $20/LB
Smoked Fish Dip: $5 Ea
U-10 Scallops, Dry-packed from New Bedford (Mass): $30/LB