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Collaboration is a value and behavior. By design, it is intentional. Collaboration often produces results that a single mind could not have generated.

Becoming the recognized expert in your field is essential to personal and organizational success. And, sharing knowledge helps gain the trust of prospects.

Freelancer. Originally, the word freelancer referred to a soldier for hire in the Middle Ages. Today it means an individual who provides professional services but doesn’t work for any one employer. Freelancers are common in many fields, including writing, photography, web design and graphic design. Although the word might conjure up images of a disheveledContinue Reading

One year in juvenile hall for a teenage boy or girl is over $100,000. It is more than the tuition to USC
We have a unique plan for social change to take our most vulnerable teenagers in your Conejo Valley and show them the way from at risk to at promise.
Moorpark College has partnered with the Thousand Oaks Police Department, Conejo Recreation and Park District to provide the 2nd Annual middle school, 1-week college summer camp for our Safe Passage Youth.