Travel in Teaneck, NJ

While we love Paris in the summer when it sizzles or the winter when it drizzles, there's plenty more to see in France than just the capital. From wine country to the Alps, these small towns have beauty to rival any major city in the world.

Get patriotic with eight unique ways to celebrate U.S. independence on the Fourth of July in Orlando.

Vaccines work. They have always worked. If you don't vaccinate your children you are putting them, and others, at risk.

One of two things has to happen: taxes have to go up or costs have to come down.

In the party writ large, Booker's progressive bona fides wouldn't be in question.

Three Hudson County police departments are among the 30 law enforcement agencies with the highest use of force rates in the state.

In January, the state froze a demolition order for some Salem County creek cabins, pending further review. Further review should have been done by now.