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Do you look older than the age on your driver's license? The telltale signs may be written all over your face.

Why are buffalo wings called that? Are they from the rare winged buffalo? Sadly, no. Here's the real story behind buffalo wings' name.

I've been here for 25 years and I've never been tempted to leave. One of the things that keeps me here and keeps me very happy is the culture. We're a small institution, but we're extremely good—we have a very interesting, unusual culture on campus.

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Corrections officer Kelvin Chung works at Ely State Prison. On Tuesday, he was standing at a podium in front of the Grant Sawyer state office building surrounded by union workers. “Early last month, I was assaulted and barely beaten by two inmates,” Chung said. He belongs to AFSCME - the public sector union. He tells me if his union could collectively bargain with the state, issues like workplace safety would get better. “But at least we need a voice to our management,” Chung…

Many issues before the state Legislature pit Republicans versus Democrats, but the effort to expand the use of the prevailing wage is not so simple.Most Democratic lawmakers support a measure expanding prevailing wages, and some Republicans have signed on to the legislation in the state Senate and Assembly. Yet the union-friendly bill – which would also apply to nonunionized workers – still lacks the support it needs to pass the Senate, lawmakers say.

I just took part in ReBuild USA's Day of Action! Click to tell Congress to fix and invest in our infrastructure. [@campaign]

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (PRWEB) May 13, 2019
Littman Krooks LLP is proud to be a sponsor of NAMIWalks Westchester. Team LK will walk with NAMI on Saturday, May 18th, rain or shine, at the Rye Town Par

Customers, distribution partners, employees, vendors, communities, and increasing numbers of investors want to do business with organizations that: 1) have a strategic plan to address the needs of all stakeholders, 2) minimize their impact on the environment, and 3) promote strong ethics. Any organi