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Radiation Therapist Job in California
A hospital facility in California is in need of a Radiation Therapist for a 1-day locum assignment to provide radi...

About 87 percent of all strokes are ischemic, meaning they're caused by a blood clot in the brain. And for over 20 years, the gold standard to treat those types of strokes has been a drug called TPA.

Vendor Opportunity for a Medical Physicist in Maryland
Are you interested in working on the vendor side? Home Based position with 50% travel You will work w...

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Ultrasound Technologist Job in Illinois
A hospital in Illinois is in need of an interim Ultrasound technologist to be responsible for performing the cl...

Computed Tomography Technologist Needed in Oregon
A hospital in Oregon is seeking an Interim CT technologist to 0perate multi-detector scan equipment used to...

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There’s no good evidence for using marijuana for common complaints, and the products sold in cannabis dispensaries pose risks to kids and teens.

Foot pain is often caused by improper foot function. Improperly fitted shoes can worsen and, in some cases, cause foot problems.

Our LASIK procedure prices cost 20% below the national average, making LASIK accessible to everyone. Learn about our LASIK payment, financing, HSA and FSA payment options.

Few things say summer like a juicy steak or burger hot off the grill. But many wonder if grilled or smoked meats automatically come with a side serving of increased cancer risk.

A new customer to us they do travel across town to visit after a referral from a friend they came in and purchased a maxi Comfort lift chair with heat and vi...

BayCare Health System offers a variety of health care classes and events throughout the Tampa Bay area. These include physician lectures, screenings, safety classes, lectures and support groups.

Customer experience with our service and products . This customer bought a Outlander Xl vehicle lift to carry her Golden Tech 4 wheel Patriot scooter to allo...

The sun releases energy (radiation) in many forms. The sunlight we see is one form. The heat we feel from the sun is another. Ultraviolet (UV) rays, a third

Dark green ooze is not good for the states image.Its the antithesis of clear blue waters. It screams health risk. You know it smells even if you only see it in photographs. Its also bad for busin

Celebrate the life of Marion Berton Ridley,MD, leave a kind word or memory and get funeral service information care of Blount & Curry FH-Macdill Chap.

No matter how good a driver you are, high speeds or impaired or careless driving by others can place you in danger.

MRI Technologist Job in Oregon
A hospital facility in Oregon is in need of an Interim MRI technologist to work in a busy environment with multiple ...

Radiology Technologist Needed in New Jersey
A Medical Center in New Jersey is seeking an Interim Radiology Technologist to accurately positioning patien...

The percentage of pregnant women getting epidurals or other spinal analgesia has climbed to a high of 71 percent, according to a Stanford study.

Sunbathers are getting far less protection from harmful rays than sunscreens promise, mostly because of confusion about how much is the proper amount to slather on.

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