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Hi Doc followers. I wanted to turn back to Managed Print Services (MPS) for today, and share some smart info from the mad (in a good way) minds at the Photizo Group. Don’t forget to go Link-In with them as well.

Chase was born with cerebral palsy, bilateral club feet and suffered several brain bleeds while still in utero. The brain bleeds caused Chase to have some developmental delays as a young preemie, including right-sided weakness, most noticeably in losing the use of his right arm.

Community Banks fund over half of the small businesses in the US. They are an essential and often overlooked part of the economy. Tina Giorgio is the President and CEO at ICBA Bancard. Tina has been in this role for a little under 2 years, but she has spent the last 30 years in community banking. “Community Bankers, at our core, are about serving our local community.  There’s a lot of communities in the United States who would not be properly served if…

There’s no reason why you can’t create a brochure that is both cost-effective and beautiful. Simon Tilbrook tells you how.

A reminder to explore the world and dream big, this sterling silver globe charm is inspired by our wondrous world. Hand-painted with shimmering blue enamel and a silver world map, the earth charm spins around a beaded axis. It is suspended from a bail sprinkled with glittering stones. String it on a bracelet with other travel-inspired charms or add to a snake chain necklace as a statement pendant.

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After a long day at work, all we want is to curl up and relax in our comfy home. To be able to do that, we need to bring harmony and peace into our living space. Turning your home into a peaceful oasis doesn’t have to be hard at all – follow the steps below […]

It's possible to enjoy the summer months and invest in yourself so you can make progress on your career goals. Here are five ways successful people use the summer to their advantage.

Nike's Foamposite has a legacy like none other. One of the most expensive Nike shoes of its day, the Nike Foamposite splits opinions like few shoe designs.

The job market has seen some broad, unpredictable swings during the first five months of the year — read on to hear Shaker's Take on the May job market.

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The paperless office may never happen, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be efficient with your printing strategy.

QR Code scanning technology has been available for years but has not been put into widespread use across the United States in large part because the concept has been hard for many to grasp. Today, however, QR Code scanning technology is common in smart phones. This takes down a significant barrier to entry where users who want to scan a QR Code have to hunt for the right scanning app, or carefully line the barcode up within a target and scan it like…

If you're thinking about writing your own wedding vows, you're probably feeling a range of things. Excitement over all the heartfelt emotions you'll get to express towards your SO in front of all your loved ones... Worry that you might not say all that you want to say. Anxiousness over speaking before a large number…

What are the tricks of the trade for motivating yourself? Fortunately, science has the answer to that question.

Every salesperson will have a unique selling style and way they interact with prospects and customers.

Caitlin Covington worked with our Designs Solutions team for the living room design of her new home. See her full living room tour here.

Discover Korean Ginseng researches, the science behind nature's hidden super food.

Father’s Day is June 16. If you need a last-minute gift for any dads in your life, we’ve got you covered. And you’ll probably want to pick up a bottle

Midnight-6 p.m.- Summer of a Sensational Season, Lightning vs. Jets (3/5/19) 6 p.m.-6:30 p.m.- Lightning Power Play Live...The Offseason Edition with Greg Linnelli with guests Jake Hahn and Patrick...

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The merger of United Technologies and Raytheon creates Raytheon Technologies: A premier systems provider and leader in high technology segments.