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For pet cats, all the toys in the world can't compare to a simple cardboard box.

Police in the United States have been using dashboard cameras for recording incidents on the road for many years, says Popular Mechanics Magazine, but thes

Is your dishwasher soap not dissolving or soap dispenser not opening? Our video explains the most common dispenser issues and how to get your dishwasher soap dispenser working again.

BayCare Health System offers a variety of health care classes and events throughout the Tampa Bay area. These include physician lectures, screenings, safety classes, lectures and support groups.

Are you living a life that you’re excited to wake up to, every single day? Life design & story coach Celinne Da Costa shares three key tips on how to design a dream life that gives you the freedom to do what you want--including travel the world!

This campaign is for a lovely woman named Janet who is in desperate need of help. Her childhood was one of terrible neglect, one consequence of which was that she never got the proper dental care, and a severe misalignment of her teeth was never corrected. This misalignment caused her to bite dow...

Comprised of ethical discipline and rigorous research, we bring you the best available natural health supplements.

Check out our round-up of C2C highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

Matthew and Sam were great we bought a 2019 corolla they made sure we got the best deal. They didn't rush, explained everything. Great job, very pleased. thanks

It’s all about Sunday on today’s Free Stretch, as Bobby feels like the direction of the franchise is on the line in the final 12 games. And there’s always plenty more on The Free Stretch, presented by Bill Currie Ford. …

Give us a call today if you would like more information about our digital menu boards, or any of our other in-store marketing services. 800-580-...

Faye and Maria were great to work with.
They were friendly and took the time to explain things to me and they delivered on what they said they would do.

Satisfied - Preetam Kumar, 9/6/2018
I’ve used to buy a few domains and my experience has been fabulous every single time. Thank you guys for doing such a great job. - Nasser Al-Shaikh, 8/31/2018
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Dealing w Matt Longfellow was a completely different experience from other dealers. He knew I wasn't buying today and was treated as if I was. I will continue to recommend Matt to friends that ar...

Get tickets to Royale Saturdays Halloween: Night Of The Dancing Dead at Royale Nightclub, Boston, MA on 10/27/18

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Typical family would pay
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Citizens Oversight Committee
Seven members review the spending, progress, and completion of all projects funded by the referendum
Six private citizens cannot be affiliated with district & cannot work on projects funded by the referendum
Investing in students improves our community
Education has…

thousands of members in your area
friendly customer service
optimised for dating on your cell phone
George Noory, syndicated radio host of Coast to Coast AM, heard on nearly 600 radio stations nightly, created Paranormal Date, after seeing a need from his massive, loyal audience.
Noory says, I keep hearing the same thing at speaking events around the country, “George, I need a place to meet people of like-mind, that understand me and my interests.”
From that, was born!

Pet Supermarket in Fayetteville will be handing out donated pet food, supplies and treats for the pets of those affected by Hurricane Florence, according

Prior to Hurricane Michael pounding the Florida panhandle this afternoon, an eerie satellite image of the storm may have served as a harbinger of the chaos to come.

It is quite common for teachers to spend their own money on classroom supplies – so common, in fact, that a few years back, Congress created a special deduction that allowed teachers to deduct up to $250 above-the-line for classroom supplies. “Above-the-line” means the deduction can be claimed whether or not the taxpayer itemizes their deductions. Although the $250 amount is subject to an inflation adjustment, there has been no increase to the limit, at least through 2018.

"Giving and Receiving" 11:00 a.m service from September 30th, 2018 Message starts at: 38:40

Last week on Friday we asked for your help with things we needed for our upcoming trip to Taiwan. By Sunday things started arriving. By Tues...

K&G Fashion Superstore for Men's and Women's Clothing, Childrens', Shoes, & Accessories. Choose from Suits, Dress Shirts, Ties, & more in regular, big and tall, & plus sizes.

About three-fourths of all homes in the 9 counties Hurricane Michael hit hardest were built before 2000, when Florida unveiled tough building codes.

This budget-friendly, healthy minestrone soup recipe will keep you full while using up those extra ingredients in your refrigerator.

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In Lake Magdalene Fl our professionals can help you find the best plants to compliment your landscape. If gardening, visit our garden center and landscape supply store to get inspired!

Click here to read the AutoNation Drive test drive review of the 2018 Lexus RC 350 F Sport, a luxury coupe that is sleek, stylish and sporty.