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One 30-Minute Virtual Reality Video Game Play for One Person
One 30-Minute Virtual Reality Video Game Play for Two People

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in December 2017, the manufacturing sector added approx

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Hotel at a Glance: The Godfrey Hotel & Cabanas Tampa
Standing on the hotel’s private dock, guests can take in the refreshing ocean breeze while looking out across the waters of Old Tampa Bay. During the day, they can explore the sea with a kayak or fishing excursions (additional fees apply) and in the evening, they can sip cocktails al fresco and watch the sunset

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Is your workplace truly collaborative? Does it offer employees the opportunity to work together when

Have you been in your current management position for a few years? Then you might be thinking of mov

Social media is a big deal today. In the job search process, social media can help you connect with

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Have you ever finished a book and thought, Wow, I wish everyone would read that?
An avid reader myself, I love hearing about the books that inspire strong reactions in other readers—the ones they finish thinking the world would be a better place if every single person would read it.
But here's

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TRUE - Day 30 - BE YOU. Today, I take the mic off… and together we jam on what it’s all about. Use your vocabulary of the last 29 days. Find What Feels Good....

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One In-Office 50-Minute Level 1 Teeth Whitening Session
Two In-Office 50-Minute Level 1 Teeth Whitening Sessions
Three In-Office 50-Minute Level 1 Teeth Whitening Sessions
At-Home or In-Office Whitening? Choosing How to Restyle Your Smile
As this deal’s options show, there are many roads to a whiter smile. Groupon explains the difference between two popular procedures
When deciding between whitening your teeth from the comfort…

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One 60-Minute Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage with Cupping
One 90-Minute Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage with Cupping
Massage license number: Ajisode Adetutu MA61502
Cupping: Suctioning Out Pain
Learn a bit about what cupping does for the body—and where it might’ve come from—with Groupon’s brief introduction
Cupping is an ancient holistic-healing technique whose benefits are perhaps more immediate and apparent than most. During a…

Spring is in full swing and the Sunset Music Festival is back, bringing you a lineup of some of the hottest acts in electronic music. Spend your 2018 Memorial Day weekend dancing in the sun with thousands of your fellow revelers to pulse-pounding beats and awesome stage productions while having plenty of fun in the sun.

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$79 for four weeks of unlimited sexy-fitness classes (up to $225 value)
Click to see the class schedule.

Every local community has a story, a history, and a unique personality that cannot be replicated. This is often thanks to specialized, small-scale businesses, like this one, which contribute to a neighborhood’s distinctive character and promote a thriving ecosystem in their community. Small, independent businesses offer diverse products and services, fostering economic resilience by removing the local economy’s dependence on a single industry. When you buy…