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Super hero sales people, and how to get them! The content your sales people have access to, largely determines not only their success, but the success of your business or organization. With a few

Michelle Palisi, owner of New Port Richey’s Chocolates by Michelle, says she could afford to open a sweet shop business after she quit smoking.

Browse the Holiday 2018 gift guide from Petco for exclusive deals and offers on top pet brands and products. Find beds, toys, apparel and more for your cat, dog, and small pet.

After months of setbacks from permitting issues, the highly anticipated Crystal Lagoon is going to finally open in Wesley Chapel Saturday. 

Most of us have spent our lives avoiding fat. Making the adjustment to not just eating fat but embracing fat can be tough. And if you’ve ever wondered, "How do I eat more fat on keto?", keto fat bomb recipes are key.

If you've ever brewed your own kombucha, you'll know that you can make A LOT for very little money. Not to mention, it's

See what all the Hype is about our MagFrame: Watch the MagFrame in action! Every embroidery business is looking fo...

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WASHINGTON, DC (WGME) – It seems like to matter where the Bushes went, they made friends, and that includes wherever they had dinner in Washington. The Palm DC is a staple, with the caricatures on the wall, highlighting distinguished characters who were frequent guests. Arguably the most important was George H. W. Bush. General Manager Michael Melore says when Bush was ambassador to the UN, he loved visiting the Palm in New York, and often complained there was just nothing like it in…

Both Christmas and Hanukkah will be here before we know it. While the holidays are meant to be filled with joy and cheer, lots of traditional decorations and foods pose dangers for your pets. Dr. Webster has your pet's safety on her wish list this year.

If you want to level up in your carer, leveling up your inner circle may be your first step! There is nothing more that will motivate you to accomplish new heights than surrounding yourself with accomplished peers. This may be the most crucial career building step that you're problem overlooking!

Monster Jam® is the world's largest and most famous monster truck tour where world-class drivers compete in front of capacity crowds in racing and freestyle ...

For a free consultation with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Tampa, contact The Matassini Law Firm, P.A.

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about the weather! Shooting Stars Post is proud to have had the opportunity to work with Tyler Johnson of the Tampa Bay Lightning
Johnson, who plays Forward for the Lightning, stopped by our studio recently to shoot a series of commercials with Brett Morgan of Morgan Auto Group and Caldwell & Kerr.
Be sure to catch Tyler and the rest of the Lightning team on the ice at Amalie Arena this hockey season. Go Bolts!
Shooting Stars Post…

Maybe you’re looking for energy and focus to get off the couch and into the gym. Maybe you’re looking to take your gym session, workout class, or at-home training to the next level. What if there were something out there that could help you crush...

Have you ever bought a ridiculously expensive skincare product only to feel like it made no difference? Our skin is our largest organ, and when trying to keep it healthy and beautiful we tend to focus on what we can slather all over ourselves
But what about what we are putting in our body?
We asked some Nutritionists what makes for healthy skin and they all told us the same thing: it starts on the inside. According to the experts, these are the…

While Santa Claus spends all year preparing gifts for the little ones, does anyone ever wonder what HE may want for Christmas (besides cookies and milk)?

Combine form, fit, and function to protect, merchandise, and differentiate your product. WS Packaging has design and engineer expertise to create a solution customized to your specific needs and the markets you serve.

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According to a recent study, up to 75% of toddlers use touchscreens on a daily basis. On The Daily Doze, pediatrician Dr. Laura Jana takes a closer look at what we know about toddlers and touchscreens. She also shares the latest recommendations on what is considered by many to be one of the biggest changes to and challenges of modern-day parenting.

There's no easy path to success. Inspired by his dad, Logan Franklin's life philosophy involves always being genuine, never quitting, and always outworking h...

The Drive-Safe Act was introduced in Congress earlier this year to lower the age minimum to become a truck driver from 21 to 18. While industry leaders... #DriverShortage #DriveSafeAct #PoliticsLawsPolicies

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