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TAMPA — The Lightning was a broken record in training camp, repeating how it needed to start the season strong. Last season's 15-2-2 start was the best in franchise history and launched it towa

Steven Stamkos scored his first goal of the season in the second period. Entering the game, he wasn't alone among the league's top players to be goal-less. Last season's league MVP, the Devils' Taylo

LARGO Michael Drejka has moved to fire one of his defense attorneys, writing in an affidavit that lawyer Lysa Clifton solicited him in jail the day after his Aug. 13 arrest and refused his request

Governor Rick Scott issued an executive order to help voters in the Panhandle impacted by Hurricane Michael.

Federal safety investigators have been unable to conduct a full examination of the limousine involved in a crash that killed 20 people nearly two weeks ago in upstate New York because of a criminal case against the limo company’s operator.

Statewide candidates took a break from campaigning after Hurricane Michael, but the money hasn't stopped rolling in.

Tampa, Florida (October 18, 2018) – Memorial Hospital of Tampa is pleased to announce that it is celebrating Infection Prevention Week October 15th through the 19th. Throughout the week, the facility will celebrate “Keeping South Tampa Safe,” recognizing every employee and member of the medical staff for the importa...

Brian Engblom joined us to talk all things Bolts.

Learn more about the Embroidery Grip here: Having an embroidery business is hard enough without having to f...