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UPDATE, 11:37: Interesting decision by the Rays to move Adames to 2B today and reinstall Hechavarria at SS as he came off DL following Arroyo injury.Here is the Rays lineup:Duffy 3bBauers 1bRamos cCr

RIVERVIEW It was the most routine of errands, shopping for a cooler and some shorts.Joel Jaca and Arelys Gomez, both 40, had turned an important corner, miles away from hurricane-ravaged Puerto Ric

ST. PETERSBURG Albert Whitted Airport wants to extend its main runway. But what would benefit the airport could also benefit the St. Pete Innovation District.Moving the runway would ease building r

ST. PETERSBURG At his installation as spiritual leader of Tampa Bays Catholics, Bishop Gregory Parkes promised to take time to get to know his people, listen to what they had to say and work to di

Fish dont follow international boundaries or understand economic trade agreements. Different species live in regions all over the globe. If that wasnt complicated enough, they also migrate as they

Call them tip-of-the-tongue moments: those times we can’t quite call up the name or word that we know we know. These frustrating lapses are thought to be caused by a brief disruption in the brain’s ability to access a word’s sounds.
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Steve Deveaux always knew it was his passion and duty to help veterans transition into civilian workforce.As the grandson of a WWII and Korean War Army veteran, he witnessed firsthand the sacrifice a

TAMPA Loueita Hargens had known for years how her son Bradley Dykes would die. She had seen him cycle through drugs of choice, had lost track of the number of times hed wound up in the hospital or

The little oak table was mine for a negotiated five bucks at a South Tampa yard sale a bit battered, but great potential. I would sand out those round stains from wine glasses past and restore it t

NEW YORK — So what does the boss — lowercase, of course, around here — think of this up-and-down, hot-and-cold Rays season so far? Appropriately, a variety of things.In a 30-minute

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Coming off Thursday's 4-3 loss, the Rays will face the Yankees again tonight, and they are starting a pitcher quite familiar with the Yankee Stadium mound, RHP Nathan Eovaldi.Having spent 2015 and 20