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Get tickets to Sofa King Fridays ft. Standerwick & Kaeno at Royale Nightclub, Boston, MA on 08/24/18

Use this fun and interactive photo to find out what’s covered in the Sears Whole House Warranty. From the furnace to the refrigerator to ceiling fans, the Whole House Warranty has you covered.

Please support my work as a reader-funded journalist! I’m currently trying to raise $2500 (£2000) to support my writing and campaigning on Guantánamo and related issues over the next three months of the Trump administration
Over 16 and a half years since the ill-conceived prison at Guantánamo Bay opened, and over two and a half years into the presidency of Donald Trump, the terrible injustice of Guantánamo has, sadly, largely slipped off the radar.
The reasons are many — and none reflect well…

Serving both homeowners & commercial users across the U.S. and Canada, Noritz America offers a broad range of tankless gas water heaters to meet the varying ...

NEW YORK, NY, Aug 14, 2018 – CGS, a global provider of business applications, enterprise learning and outsourcing services, announced that The Powers Manufacturing Company, a privately owned textil...

If you enjoy working outdoors and mapping the lay of the land, consider joining the TKDA Duluth team as a Professional Land Surveyor! Click here to apply.

Amazon’s Home Services can connect you with vetted professionals to do tasks like assemble furniture, set up your technology, or organize your closet.

In this video, Mike from MP Tennis shows a couple of good racket options for those with elbow issues.

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Are all those ugly myths about changing your career in your 30s keeping you on from taking the first step toward your better and happier future?

Photo: House Beautiful  Elizabeth Bauer joins us today to share her story on how a passion for flea markets and shopping to repurpose led to a career design and a successful shop in the West Village of New York. She talks about the importance of "getting the bones right" of a home upon first moving in, how to make the most of small spaces, and decorating a seaside and vacation home in a playful and sophisticated way. We take listener questions on…

Flat Earth enthusiasts from around the world gathered in Canada at the end of last week for the country's first-ever conference devoted to the controversial conspiracy theory.

August 14, 2018, 1:00 am
In this case, the ceding company, VIP Universal Medical Insurance Group Ltd. (“VIP”), brought an action in Florida federal court against its reinsurer, BF&M Life Insurance Company Ltd. (“BF&M”), and International Reinsurance Managers LLC (“IRM”), BF&M’s agent, alleging breach of a reinsurance contract, in which BF&M reinsured VIP for medical claims in excess of $200,000. It was alleged that BF&M refused…

Whether hiring (and fairly paying) more females or underrepresented minorities, Apple has stepped up to the plate and shown some tremendous progress in their “Diversity and Inclusion” webpage with brand new data.

After a nearly five year journey, JUNO has arrived at the giant planet Jupiter! This is a most amazing mission and one that will reveal an amazing amount of information about how Jupiter was formed, when it was formed and the mystery of what lies below the clouds of Jupiter. Launched back in August […]
24 May 2016
Mars, the red god of war, reached opposition on May 22nd! Mars will then continue to move closer to Earth and will be the closest…

Proudly serve your guests on a tray you can say you customized - What's more luxurious that a one-of-a-kind item? Talk about the perfect canvas, this

DAZN is one of a new breed of sports streaming services shaking up the broadcast market. Its rapid expansion is powered by flexible, agile infrastructure and data-driven decisions

In the eerie footage, a dark figure can clearly be seen seemingly materializing out of nowhere on a sidewalk and then stepping out into the road in front of oncoming traffic

Sharing too much personal information on social media may expose you to cyber attacks.

FWC reports on the current status of Karenia brevis blooms using tables, static maps, and interactive Google Earth maps. Archived status maps can be found in our Flickr gallery.

7 people are running for the open District 7 seat on the Hillsborough County Commission; 6 of them answered questions from the Tampa Tiger Bay Club in July.

STILL WORKING HARD AND BARELY MAKING IT:Updated study reveals 41% of households on West Central Coast of Florida continue to struggle to afford the basics.Read More

Carl's Van Rentals has an ongoing employment process; we accept resumes continuously for any and all positions. Please apply by submitting this form.

Tomlinson Dental - DENTAL IMPLANTS are the closest thing to having natural teeth. Implants can help prevent a devastating facial bone loss and the premature aging that is an unavoidable side effect of using removable dentures.

NBC Sports is scheduled to present 109 NHL regular-season games during the 2018-19 season.

Most people think of buildings as permanent structures, and who can blame them? There might be buildings one or even two hundred years old in your city—sometimes much older. Think Ahead But buildings, like everything, degrade over time. That’s why they have to be maintained and occasionally renovated. Don’t wait for something to go wrong …

Mignone brings almost 25 years of experience in strategic, brand, and direct marketing in multiple industries, from start- ups to Fortune 500 companies, to her role at UMA. These include higher education providers like Kaplan, Inc. and transportation and logistics companies like DHL
"Ultimate Medical Academy has a reputation for helping students through every phase of their education and healthcare career," Mignone said. "I cannot think…