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Fun, inclusive events that cater to persons with disabilities are a rare occurrence. On Sunday, September 23, 2018, the 5th annual FUNclusion will re...

The recent suicide of a student at Florida Polytechnic University has drawn attention to the state university system’s efforts to deal with mental-health issues. After the Aug. 1 death of the student, the United Faculty of Florida, a union that has clashed with the Florida Polytechnic administration over personnel issues, criticized the school’s decision to switch from an on-campus counselor to an off-campus provider of mental-health services.

If Babis wins the seat, she will be the first person with a visible disability ever to be elected to Florida legislature.

Only 30 percent of patients who need a bone marrow transplant have a genetic match in their family. That is why bone marrow registries like Be The Match and Gift of Life are so important.

Did you know cancer patients are at a higher risk for a disorder that kills more people worldwide than prostate cancer, breast cancer and HIV/AIDS combined?

Moffitt has developed the first-ever video game that could uncover new ways to treat the disease.

OSF's Children's Hospital of Illinois and 2 other organizations are pairing up to improve quality of life for Central Illinois kids.

Periodontal disease may start in the gums’ superficial layers, but it’s not likely to stay there. As the disease moves deeper it can wreak havoc on tooth roots and bone as well as gum tissue attachments. Teeth with multiple roots are in particular peril because of the “forks”

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PSC Highlights National Lifeline Awareness Week with an Event in Pasco County
TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) will host an information session on Wednesday, September 12, 2018, in Pasco County for residents to learn about the Lifeline Assistance (Lifeline) discounted telephone and/or broadband service program
The event highlights National Lifeline Awareness Week 2018, September 10-14, which aims to raise awareness and increase participation…

CBD is the new “it” trend in health, beauty, and wellness. An HCA neurologist weighs in what you should know about the hottest ingredient on the market.

Fluoride is a safe and can help prevent cavities in your children's teeth. You may have questions about fluoride and your child. Harvard researcher, dentist and mom Dr. Brittany Seymour has answers.

The megalodon, a giant shark that went extinct at least 2 million years ago, has recently gotten more attention with the release of the movie "The Meg." But the megalodon wasn't the only giant shark in the prehistoric ocean.

If a pain you’ve been feeling goes away, you might believe the problem that caused it is gone too. But that doesn’t mean it has, especially with a tooth. An excruciating toothache that suddenly stops should still be examined. Here’s why.
Tooth decay often works its way into a toot

Are You Ready to Say YES to TEST
On August 29, 2018, the CDC released new data revealing that STD rates continue to climb in the U.S., with nearly 2.3 million cases reported. From 2013 to 2017:
Syphilis cases nearly doubled
Chlamydia remained at record highs
When cases go undiagnosed or untreated, infections can become severe. Getting an STD is human; it's normal. Don't be too embarrassed to get tested and treated.
A happy and healthy sex life starts by saying #YESmeansTEST. It's…

Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville, a recently designated Level II Trauma Center, treated several victims of a deadly shooting in the city.

Police have not given a motive, so it's unknown why David Katz shot fellow gamers before killing himself at a Madden video game tournament in Jacksonville, Florida on Sunday. But, according to divorce filings, Katz's parents said their son had mental heal

In 1968, Billie Jean King was scheduled to play the first match of the very first US Open. But when tournament organizers couldn't find her first-round opponent, an unlikely understudy, a dentist who lived a short drive from Forest Hills, was called into action to face the defending champion. - US Open Tennis Championships

So you’re tearing up the dance floor at a friend’s wedding, when all of a sudden one of your pals lands an accidental blow to your face — chipping out part of your front tooth, which lands right on the floorboards! Meanwhile, your wife (who is nine months pregnant) is expecting you

Four dental organizations, including the ADA, are thanking Congress for introducing legislation that would allow full-time faculty members participating in the Dental Faculty Loan Repayment Program to deduct the benefits received from their federal income taxes.