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The really good coaches are pretty smart cookies. They understand game strategy and clock management. They condition their players and teach them to value

Six members of one family died in an arson attack during clashes in Nicaragua.

Scott asserts that election officials in Palm Beach and Broward counties can’t be trusted with voting equipment.

Alberto Gonzales says there are "legitimate questions" about whether Matthew Whitaker can serve as acting attorney general without Senate confirmation.

Integrating two banks can a time-consuming, expensive, and demanding process, which is why it’s important to plan early and comprehensively. It’s common for banks to experience missteps leading up to and following an integration, which can result in poor experiences for customers and employees – at worst, resulting in unwanted attrition of customers and employees. …

TAVARES — Members of the Lake County Fire Rescue Venom Unit 2 have seen an uptick in coral snake bites that at first had them perplexed.According

"It is currently not possible to determine which source, Mexico or China, is the greater direct threat as a supplier"

Data sharing in state agencies means better collaboration, informed decision making for communities the state manages, and a proactive process of governing

A lawsuit alleged that Motel 6 employees in Phoenix gave federal immigration officials information about guests, leading to their detainment.

A North Idaho jury awarded a Hayden-area couple $75,000 last week, ruling a homeowners association was guilty of religious discrimination in a story billed as a “war on Christmas” by some national news outlets.

Our DC Public Affairs Teams gives a wrap-up on the 2018 Midterms, including what happened in the elections and where we go from here.

It’s disconcerting for public safety officials when we hear about local jurisdictions rejecting sprinklerrequirements in newly constructed homes.It’s also disconcerting when opponents of fire sprinklers inflatethe costs to bolster their arguments against automatic fire sprinklers.Such is the way things apparentlyplayed out on October 1st when the Geneva Town Council voted 8-1 on an ordinance to adopt the latestedition of international building codes.

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