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#NBAJerseys #CityEdition #Fanatics Check out the 2018/19 NBA City Edition jerseys from Nike, designed to highlight and honor the connection between NBA franc...

Is your HVAC unit giving you trouble? Here’s how to troubleshoot some of the most common air conditioning problems, so you can decide if you need a pro. Living in the hot and sunny state of Florida, we consider our AC units as a part of our family. If you want to make it through Read More...

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Unify your team by uniting self awareness of vision, mission, and goals in your team or company. Learn more bit.ly/lsjourneys Our vision is what we im...

Chef Jose Andres is tired, but dutifully answering writers’ questions about his new restaurant, Fish, at the upscale luxury resort The Cove at Atlantis on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.But i…

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The Indian rupee has depreciated 14% in value against the US dollars this calendar year. If you are a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) investor then this could be the best time to own a property back in your homeland. The depreciating rupee value against currencies like the dollar, UAE dirham, pound, encourages a large of NRIs to invest in Kerala’s real estate market. Along with the dwindling…

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A REGULAR tuna-mayo sandwich and some gentle activity can slash the risk of falls in elderly Brits, a study claims. It found eating protein-rich foods – such as milk, chicken, eggs and tuna – along…

Kroger and Walgreens are advancing their partnership by expanding the number of drugstores that will sell Kroger's food and meal services.

Mrs. Fields, the renowned brand famous for warm, freshly baked cookies right out of the oven, is celebrating National Cookie Day on December 4 with the sweetest deal. Mrs. Fields stores across the country will be offering guests a free cookie with any purchase all day. With over 200 locations across the country, dessert lovers can find their nearest store on www.mrsfields.com/stores. As for online, MrsFields.com will be offering up to 40 percent savings on Holiday gifts for National Cookie Day.

Make sure when cutting locks that you always use safety goggles or a protective face shield. The grinding disc can sometimes explode and come apart and fly hundreds of feet. Always use a pair of vise grips to secure the lock while grinding the lock off
We find it a good practice to inventory from the door, record the entire process with tripod and video we prefer to have two people present at time of inventory and then use a unique one-of-a-kind seal…

Before 2010, ecommerce in WordPress wasn’t really viable. That is no longer true. Learn the history of WordPress ecommerce and where it is heading.

A firefighter dressed up like Buddy the Elf and started pillow fights with strangers in Boston – and their reactions are priceless. Subscribe to the CBS News...

Fresh government warnings about Channel ports are dismissed as "Project Fear" by Tory rebels.

The Washington Nationals agreed to terms on a six-year contract with All-Star left-handed pitcher Patrick Corbin on Friday.

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This is a bit of a cheat, since Aston showed this preview of its first SUV and its first all-wheel-drive vehicle (and likely its first hybrid) in advance of the show. But it’s so newsworthy, and unique, that we couldn’t help but include it.

Contact lenses are a medical device that you insert into and wear on the surface of your eyes. They should be in optimal condition, fit properly, and be prescribed by a licensed eye doctor.

France is the second largest consumer of pesticides in Europe, including glyphosate, a herbicide classified in 2015 as “likely carcinogenic to humans” by the UN’s International Agency for Research on Cancer. Legal proceedings have been brought on behalf of French children who fell ill after being exposed to these products. In the National Assembly this year, MPs have twice rejected a ban on glyphosate – spurring civilian organisations to mobilise public awareness and convince politicians to act.

The star of Persona 5 will be a playable fighter in the new Nintendo Switch fighting game through a DLC release.

Dress for Success Jamaica, a social enterprise and a non-profit organisation, which was part of the JN Foundation’s Social Enterprise Boost Initiative (SEBI) Project, wil

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I love this office. They are the best. There’s always laughter in the office. I love the holistic part of Michelle’s dentistry. I had 5 root canals that went bad, and even started affecting my health. They got it all cleaned up and my health returned to 100% within a couple of weeks. I’m also excited to know that my new implants are as natural as they come and that I won’t have metal in my mouth. I give two thumbs up

Finally, you’ve bought that dream house of yours. Now, the SOLD sign will be pegged to the ground and paperwork will be ready and signed. You start to

Though I self-identify as a Tibby, watching Bridget run on the beach for soccer camp in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is when I discovered my sexuality. From Gossip Girl to Green Lantern, Blake Lively is amazing in all her roles. (Though…

Breast cancer patients who take a heart drug at the same time as trastuzumab have less heart damage, according to a study presented today at EuroEcho-Imaging 2018.

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Guy Harvey’s art is more often worn then hung. His watercolors and pen and ink drawings, of marlins, mako sharks and mahi, are on t-shirts, hats and even

Ecommerce platform BigCommerce is appealing to sellers who use WordPress to power their websites. "New integration gives the WordPress community a scalable way to incorporate industry-leading commerce into a content-first site experience," it announced on