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IPI DC-BOX accelerates the move to next generation data center architectures with open networking switches. This pre-configured ready-to-deploy bundle delivers…

Harris was previously selected as an alternate for this year's game.

Kumaraguru Kunalan was among huge crowds who thronged Malaysia’s Batu Caves complex at the Thaipusam Hindu festival (MOHD RASFAN) Batu Caves (Malaysia) (AFP) – Hundreds of thousands of Malaysian Hindus, some piercing their skin with hooks and skewers to show their devotion, gathered in temples across the country on Monday to mark Thaipusam. The annual...Read More

Toxic smog caused by people burning coal, wood, car tyres and garbage to keep warm, has blanketed Kabul (WAKIL KOHSAR) Kabul (AFP) – Kabul residents have long run the gauntlet of suicide attacks and bombs. This winter, however, they face another deadly threat: air pollution. For weeks a thick layer of toxic smog has blanketed...Read More

In the context of machine learning, the term ‘regularization’ refers to a set of techniques that help the machine to learn more than just memorize. Before we explore the concept of regularization in detail, let’s discuss what the terms ‘learning’ and ‘memorizing’ mean from the perspective of machine learning. When you train a machine learning

On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we hear portions of some of his most famous speeches — including his iconic "I Have a Dream" speech.

Here’s a crazy idea: Use our night sky to project giant advertisements. Because you know, we don’t have enough, StartRocket seems to think.

This demo showcased Holographic communication and collaboration of the future, using Intel RealSense sensors on an Intel-based PC for real-time person digita...

We're excited to share how Avaya is bringing new technology and innovation to help companies reach new heights at Avaya ENGAGE 2019.

A few weeks ago, my wife Rachel and I happened to be at Aldi’s Coral Springs location, after several hours of errands and shopping.

Studios for hairdressers, nail techs, estheticians, and more. Lease a move-in ready salon suite to control your environment, manage your schedule, and be your own boss.