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In her new book, journalist Dawn Raffel tells the little-known story of how a European promoter made baby incubators an attraction at world's fairs and carnivals in the early 1900s—and probably saved thousands of lives.

AI solutions deliver automation and predictive analytics in ways that were not thought possible before.

If you’ve experienced quartz, you’ve probably noticed that problems eventually arise. Quartz devices can be quite temperamental, especially in stressful conditions. And they’re not the most reliable
With MEMS timing, you no longer need to work around the difficulties of quartz. Here are three signs it’s time to switch to MEMS
1. You need more stability
If there is one thing you need from timing, its…

Be ahead of the mad dash and stress of the new school year with these 5 simple back to school organizing ideas. Prepare now for a stress free new year.

Developed a deep learning-based driver assessment systems for a manufacturer of heavy-duty vehicle surveillance system to monitor driver behavior and movement.

Immigration and asylum may prove to be the defining issue for European integration and upcoming European Parliament elections. After a June crisis in which Italy and Malta turned away the Aquarius res...

Congress standard rate deadline is 31 Aug 2018. Register now! bit.ly/2ABOaHM

(Reuters) — A Texas jury awarded damages of $242 million to a Dallas family after finding that defects in the family's Lexus sedan caused injuries to their two children during a rear-end collision, the law firm representing the plaintiffs said on Friday.

As the sustainability issues of the retail and fashion worsen, creative and innovative solutions in slow fashion, labor and recycling are transforming the industry.

How can the Internet of Things help us feed a growing global population? An interview with Janice Zdankus, Vice President of Quality at Hewlett Packard Enterprises.

The Washington Redskins made a roster move on Monday, signing free agent running back Adrian Peterson to address the depth in their backfield.

The Institutes RiskBlock Alliance said U.S.-based consultancy firm Ernst & Young L.L.P. will provide blockchain-specific cyber security and risk management guidance for the alliance.

Watch this video to know how eInfochips helps in m2m IoT application development with low power clock tree synthesis (CTS) optimization in ASIC back-end solu...

BlackHat presentation uncovers evidence of irregularities in WinVote machines used in Virginia for state, national elections

The right tackle will be under contract with the club through the 2022 season.

Indian general insurers are likely to pay out substantially for claims related to heavy rains and flood-related damage in the state of Kerala.

"Dell is providing end-to-end solution that integrates network as a part of hyper-convergence", said Rajesh Ramnani, Regional Director, CPSD, Dell EMC.

Dell EMC, a pioneer in Open Networking, introduces its latest Z-series 100GbE fabric switch, the Z9264F-ON, doubling its capacity and delivering a complete set of open solutions for modern enterprise and service provider data centers.