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Taking inspiration from the past in line with this season’s palpable retro mood, discover the unique craftsmanship and inspiration behind the unforgettable

Wunderman has announced a new CEO for Singapore, hiring former Accenture Digital exec Shannon Dix into the role.

In 2012, musician and composer Andy Rehfeldt, whose brilliant work we've previously posted, created a phenomenal jazz remix of the anthemic Rage Against

Follow the journey of Rookie and his Petco certified stylist Miguel. Find your nearest salon at Petco.com/Grooming SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE PETCO VIDEOS: bi...

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The president described the deceased soul legend first as a person who “worked for me,” a telling remark in his ongoing disparagement of black women.

This online tool lets you select a dieline template (ECMA and FEFCO layouts supported), customize its dimensions and download an EPS file of the customized dieline.

In 2010, a dramatic drummer with a very distinct style became rather popular when a video of him playing surfaced with the caption "this drummer is at the

Updated throughout at 5:10 p.m. The San Antonio City Council passed a citizen-driven ordinance Thursday, mandating paid sick leave to be offered to workers

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The Queen of Soul’s legacy can be found even among the cosmos.

Axalta continued to invest in its proprietary color targeting process to ensure the highest quality color matches are available for refinish customers.

Rajbhog Foods Inc. Pioneer and leading Manufacturer of Indian Sweets Snacks Ice Creams and Frozen Foods in USA

When all is said and done, buying a home is exciting—and a milestone to be celebrated.

Astronomical gap between the pay of workers and bosses exposed in report on earnings of America’s top 350 CEOs

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Their efforts will make it much easier to breed new varieties of the world’s most important crop.

The poster advertising one of the groundbreaking film screenings the Lumière brothers hosted in Paris in early 1896 was created by the artist Henri Brispot.

The School of Life explains via animation "How Psychotherapy Works" despite its demanding schedule, by positing three different ways the therapist is able

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Drivers made a mad dash Tuesday to register their cars with Uber and Lyft as the mayor signed into law a first-of-its-kind, one-year cap on e-hail cars. A line of eager applicants stretched around …

This is "IT Band Pain | Dr. Metzl | Runner's World" by Dr. Jordan Metzl on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Businesses, get ready: The phishers are paying more attention to you. No company has ever been completely safe from criminals, whether it’s the type that steals in person or the hackers who do it digitally. But there is mounting evidence that phishers are turning more attention to enterprises and away from individuals — and at […]

Geobeats offers a yummy bite size explanation as to why there are holes in Swiss cheese. Rather than it being from the ripening bacteria or pesky little

Situated charming neighborhood of Bayside/Auburndale Queens, these renovated, gorgeous garden apartment buildings contain great apartments from studios to the bedrooms! With an on-site Superintendant, in-building laundry rooms, an indoor garage, and close proximity to the Long Island railroad, residents also enjoy beautifully manicured and expansive landscaping regularly maintained by a professional staff. As always, all our buildings welcome pets!

The General Board of the Minnesota AFL-CIO voted unanimously today to endorse Congressman Tim Walz for Governor and State Representative Peggy Flanagan for Lt. Governor in this November’s election.

The legendary soul singer, who died at 76, leaves behind the definitive testament to the capabilities of the human voice.

The meniscus is a crescent-shaped piece of cartilage between the thighbone (femur) and the shinbone (tibia), and its job is to stabilize the knee and absorb shock. Damage to the meniscus, which is called a meniscal lesion, can occur from an injury or due to gradual changes over time, which come with age. Patients with meniscal lesions who have knee pain and difficulty performing daily activities…

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