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Searching the internet has become as much a part of daily life as pouring that first cup of coffee each morning. We rely on it, we expect it to deliver, and oft

Whether you’re driving a sedan, convertible or Formula 1 car, maneuvering any vehicle around turns and dips in the road requires a lot more than expert handling and quick reflexes.

30 Million Affected; 14 Million Had Extensive Information ExposedFacebook now says that 20 million fewer accounts were breached than it originally believed, but

The digital wallets of Chinese citizens are under attack thanks to a few bad apples. A recent string of cyberattacks in China utilized stolen Apple IDs to break

Cryptojacking Attacks Are Reshaping Today's Threat LandscapeCryptojacking - the hidden mining of virtual currencies - continues to be a focus for online attacke

The biggest challenge for any critical infrastructure facing potential cyberattacks is devising ways to maintain business continuity, says cybersecurity special

An in-depth report on the exposure of personal details for 500,00 Google+ accounts leads the latest edition of the ISMG Security Report. Also featured: an updat

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Gang's Cult Status and Marketing Savvy Belies Shoddy Attack Code, McAfee SaysThe notorious GandCrab ransomware-as-a-service gang has released the latest version

Posted by Sami Tolvanen, Staff Software Engineer, Android SecurityAndroid's security model is enforced by the Linux kernel, which makes it a tempting target for

Consumer Google+ Set For Shutdown; Google Hid the Data-Exposing BugGoogle blames a bug in an API for its Google+ social networking service for exposing personal