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I confess that I rarely remember sermons, even my own. What did I preach on last Sunday? Give me a minute. I know I can pull it up.

Advent 3. Why is the candle today pink? Why is John the Baptist calling us a brood of vipers? And did that priest really quote N Sync during the sermon?

A priest and a rabbi are supposed to be leading the charge on keeping the peace and love of God in the forefront during high holidays. How is that possible w...

HOUSTON, TX - The Houston Astros have made two additions and several promotions in their Research & Development department, President of Baseball Operations and General Manager Jeff Luhnow announced today.  Ehsan Bokhari has joined the Astros as Director, R&D, where he will lead the organization's R&D department. Bokhari joins the Astros from the Los Angeles Dodgers, where he has spent the last four seasons as a…

“We have to be leaders, since we’re some of the most vulnerable people here in our country to climate change and sea level rise."

There are 12 constitutional amendments on the Nov. 6 ballot. Are you still unsure how you're going to vote? We'll break it down for you.

Pumpkin spice season is in full swing with products all over the grocery store, and restaurant menus haven't been immune from the pumpkin takeover.

The Florida gubernatorial candidates debate once more before Election Day at 7 p.m.

Linda Hillman filed a lawsuit after she was disqualified. Candidate Brian Heady was kicked off the ballot, too.

The current rate of state funding — or the lack thereof — has not provided enough revenue to maintain our school buildings.