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First Man, a biographical drama about the life and career of astronaut Neil Armstrong, focused on the years leading up to the Apollo 11 mission to the moon in 1969, opens on October 12. Heartthrob...

Schedule and communicate with both home and road engineers to ensure that all equipment and technical needs are provided consistently and available for road games
Support A’s Radio Network Affiliate Stations and serve as point person for all technical needs with the stations and Skyview Networks
Fulfill all on-site, in-game activations for announcers, networks and affiliate in ballpark.
Serve as point-person for billing and invoicing broadcast…

Respect Book List: These picture books are a great way to teach respect, acceptance of differences, using respectful words and respecting the environment

Ashley Kaltwasser is a champion and has the hardware (and hard body) to prove it. With three Bikini Olympia and two Bikini International titles, she has climbed her way to the apex of this IFBB division. One look at Ashley’s lines, conditioning and athletic curves, and you know she’s put in the sweat to sculpt […]

Today's Word of the Day is polychromatic. Learn its definition, pronunciation, etymology and more. Join over 19 million fans who boost their vocabulary every day.

Two cemeteries offer a glimpse into Europe's past to understand more about barbarians from the 6th century.

Free Admission | Staller Center Recital Hall
Factory Seconds is a brass trio comprising members of the Cleveland Orchestra
Stony Brook Composers Concert
Free Admission | Staller Center Recital Hall
The talented student composers at Stony Brook work side by side with the stellar performers of the Contemporary Chamber Players to present new music in a colorful range of styles
Stony Brook Symphony Orchestra
Admission: $20,…

Spring is overrated for planting perennials, shrubs and trees. Starting plants in autumn has advantages for both garden and gardener

While heavy backpacks can cause pain or injury for school aged children when not worn or packed properly, they do not cause scoliosis...

The SVG Europe and SVG Americas editorial teams were out in full force at last week’s IBC Show, covering the biggest sports-technology news and ...

The SVG Europe and SVG Americas editorial teams were out in full force at last week’s IBC Show, covering the biggest sports-technology news and ...

Large Hadron Collider experiments are filling in the picture of how the Higgs boson particle decays, which could shed light on the existence of dark matter.

On behalf of the Three Village Historical Society, we would like to thank you for making this year's Culper Spy Day the most successful one yet! Approximately 800 visitors joined us, and our many, many dedicated volunteers worked diligently to ensure that everyone had an immersive, exciting experience
Culper Spy Day is always a feat of community coordination and cooperation; over thirty organizations, from East Hampton…

The Star Wars franchise is about to undergo dramatic change. Next year will see the end of the Skywalker Saga, when Episode IX brings the story of Rey and Kylo Ren to a close. The saga features...

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Learn more about termites active in New York and how Suburban Exterminating of Long Island can help you get rid of termites and avoid termite damage.

597 reviews of Mirabelle Tavern from Stony Brook, NY It’s Always a pleasure to be in Stony Brook having a beautiful Dining experience at Mirabelle.

I like big books and I cannot lie, you other nerds cant deny. That when a book walks in with an itty bitty spine and its big story in your mind, you get sprung! With a slim, fashionable design, and colored handles, this tote is environmentally friendly and perfect for trips to the

Whether you are running or lifting weights, you need the correct shoes to properly support that particular activity. In this week’s Keep it Fresh, Ashley shows us what to look for when buying training shoes, and which ones to wear when running and when...

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Complaints on social media have ranged from the ants overtaking backyards to covering windshields.

Earn cool rewards for your family! Simply complete small activities to help your kids prepare for a big future.

Building up beautiful biceps will turn you into a showstopper year-round. You can’t hide those peaks – whether you have a tank top or a long sleeved fitted shirt on – everyone will want to know your arm routine! Let’s Start With Learning The Biceps The biceps brachii, brachialis and brachioradialis are the major flexor […]

Preparing to participate in the Cow Harbor 10k this weekend? Here are some tips!

Residents in Seaford, Massapequa, Levittown and East Meadow are reporting an influx of rats this season.

“It’s astounding the amount of pressure put on young children to specialize. The most common reason for specialization is to become an elite level athlete,...

The first days of school have passed, and the weather is changing rapidly. As we begin to usher in the fall season, we put together a few ways to help you get ready for one of the most beautiful times of the year. Decorate Your Home There are a few simple swaps you can make … Continue reading "Fall is almost here"

There’s a lot to be said for being in the right place at the right time. Take screenwriter, producer, and director Drew Goddard. His next movie is Bad Times at the El Royale, opening October 12....