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A wildfire burning in Butte County has claimed 56 lives, officials said Wednesday.

Several people were arrested after they were found inside areas under evacuations orders due to the Camp Fire, the Butte County Sheriff's Office said.

Several schools have announced closures this week due to unhealthy air quality caused by wildfire smoke from the Camp Fire that's burning in Butte County.

California's budget is in "remarkably good shape" as fiscally conservative Gov. Jerry Brown prepares to hand off to governor-elect and fellow Democrat Gavin Newsom, the state's legislative analyst said Wednesday.

The tragedy of her husband's death led one widow to make a selfless decision to give someone the gift of life.

Creating fire buffers between housing and dry brush, burying spark-prone power lines and lighting more controlled burns to keep vegetation in check could give people a better chance of surviving wildfires, according to experts searching for ways to reduce the growing death tolls from increasingly severe blazes in California and across the West.

An Alabama woman has been sentenced after being convicted of putting her two children in scalding water as punishment.

When you think of a school, strip malls and corporate office buildings aren’t the first images that come to mind. Yet for many public charter schools in North Carolina, that’s the only choice for facilities…

Of these newly opened charter schools, Los Angeles received the biggest increase, with 25 new charter schools in the region. And the Bay Area received the second biggest increase with 17 new charter schools in its region.

A 14-year-old boy has been charged with sending a swastika image to the smartphones of other students during a suburban Chicago high school assembly.

The man said he has "faithfully" played numbers a family member gave him over 25 years ago.

The Butte County Sheriff's Office has published a list of more than 100 people who are missing after the Camp Fire sparked last Thursday.

Editor’s note: Some LGBTQ persons (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer/Questioning) prefer gender neutral pronouns – for example, “they” instead of LGBTQ students are far more likely to experience bullying than non-LGBTQ students. Can school choice help? An Ohio charter school says yes.

More than a dozen news outlets are filing friend-of-the-court briefs to support CNN and Jim Acosta's lawsuit against President Donald Trump and several top aides.