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One Brazilian Wax
Three Brazilian Waxes
Below the Belt: Choosing Between a Brazilian and a Bikini Wax
The difference between a bikini and Brazilian wax is simple yet significant. Check out our guide to help you choose the right one for you.
Both waxing styles involve using hot wax to remove hair from the area below the waist, but the distinction lies in the degree of hair being removed. During a basic bikini wax, an aesthetician removes hair from any area…

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One-Month Unlimited Yoga and Barre Classes
10 Yoga and Barre Classes
20 Yoga and Barre Classes
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A DIY tutorial on how to make your own mason jar bathroom storage, accessory set.Includes how to paint and distress as well as sources for soap container lid.

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This is a very brief overview of BOMA's 2017 standards/concepts and does not attempt to instruct or educate beyond these general points made.

Every local community has a story, a history, and a unique personality that cannot be replicated. This is often thanks to specialized, small-scale businesses, like this one, which contribute to a neighborhood’s distinctive character and promote a thriving ecosystem in their community. Small, independent businesses offer diverse products and services, fostering economic resilience by removing the local economy’s dependence on a single industry. When you buy…

Celebrate New Year's Eve in St. Louis! From parties to live music, there's something for everyone. Here are 25 great ways to ring in 2017.

The next time you feel overwhelmed, eat your way calm by putting these superfoods on your plate.

Bait packages equipped with GPS trackers have been deployed in neighborhoods across Sacramento to help investigators catch package thieves, police said. Officia...

A one-of-a-kind painting that was stolen in South Lake Tahoe has been recovered!
The painting, Three Bears Playing Golf, valued at nearly $1,200, was taken from the Pacific Crest Gallery.

Creative ideas for backyard retreats, detached home offices, and reinvented sheds

Raul Camacho is still bringing urban eye candy to seedy Stockton buildings. And doing it for free.Camacho and three collaborators spray-painted the

Rear-End Collision in Florida According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, nearly one-third of all traffic accidents are rear-end collisions. That means that 1 in every 3 car crashes happens in this way. This statistic shows just how...

Finally, Haight offered a bold vision for the automotive and insurance industries, who typically find themselves on opposite sides of an argument in the area of design improvements.

Across the country, black and Latino children with special needs are far less likely to graduate than their white peers.

Don’t let pests ruin your holiday baking. Keep your food (and pantries) safe from pests like ants, cockroaches, moths and beetles with these pest control tips.

We've all seen the TV crime shows where the forensic technician opens the grainy surveillance, then zooms in on a tiny face, license plate or scrap of

This dashboard is currently in beta and we are still adding functionality to the site. As such, some functions may not yet be working. The National Alliance maintains an extensive database on all charter schools in the US. The data are collected from the US Department of Education, state departments of education, and from the schools themselves. These data are continuously updated. If you have any…