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As parents, we go to great lengths to finesse (and stick to) our bedtime routine. But there’s one critical part of the ritual we’re slowing phasing out: lullabies. According to a recent YouGov...

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In the age of endless push notifications and news updates, some days it feels like the only time we really slow down is when we take a bathroom break. This go-go-go lifestyle can be exhausting, so it’s no wonder 85 percent of Americans turn to caffeine to get them through the day—and many end upContinue reading 6 Supps That Enhance Your Memory And Help You Focus →

The researchers' conclusion: Facial expressions do have a small effect on feelings: Smiling makes people feel happier, scowling makes them feel angrier, and frowning makes them feel sadder.

Unlike many diets, keto leaves little room for cheat days. We asked the experts about off days' effects on your body (and results), and how to bounce back.

Though iron may not get the love that collagen does, it certainly should. Consider this your guide to the critical mineral—and how to supplement with it.

Exercise does our bodies (and minds) a ton of good. But let’s be real: A hardcore sweat session doesn’t always have the greatest effect on our skin. All that sweat means lingering bacteria, which makes breakouts and rashes more likely to pop up—especially if you’re not wearing the right gear. So what’s a fitness devoteeContinue reading 6 Skin Issues Caused By Working Out—And How To Get Rid Of Them →

Crooked teeth can have a variety of causes, from genetics, malnutrition and oral habits to dental disease and poor dental hygiene. Learn more, here.

History and common sense say we should always trust our gut—but in order to do so, we need it to be functioning at its best. The consensus among nutrition and medical experts is that our gut health can affect our overall well-being for better or worse. “The health of the gastrointestinal tract is extremely importantContinue reading 5 Foods That Could Be Messing With Your Gut →

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Whether you’re male, female, a regular gym rat, or a weekend warrior, achieving defined abs is often considered the Holy Grail of fitness. But scoring—and maintaining—a six-pack is no joke. Getting there requires boatloads of commitment and discipline both in the kitchen and in the gym—and it’s easier for some people to achieve than itContinue reading Here’s What It Really Takes To Get A Six-Pack →

This article originally appeared in Amazing Wellness magazine. Ahhh, spring is in the air! The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the grass and trees are enjoying their post-winter thaw. But as you stop to smell the roses, you immediately start sneezing. Then, your eyes begin to itch and your nose becomes congested or runny.Continue reading 7 Natural Ways To Survive Allergy Season →

Digestive enzymes play a key role in our health. Here, everything to know about these digestion helpers—and whether you might need to supplement with them.

If you’ve ever hung around a gym for more than a few minutes, you’ve likely heard conversations—joking or serious—about protein, or seen people toting shaker cups full of some sort of muscle-building concoction. Protein isn’t just for bodybuilders and muscle heads, though. After all, it’s one of three key nutrients in your diet. Protein isContinue reading How Much Protein Do You Really Need? →

Not ready to throw back shots of ACV? Made with just a few ingredients, these apple cider vinegar drinks will make your routine delicious.

Chances are, you’ve heard of ‘homeopathic medicine’ before—but how much do you really know about this alternative approach to addressing your bodily woes?

From work to hyper kids to newly-released shows on Netflix, there are a million reasons why many of us (one in three, to be exact) fail to get the Zzz’s we need. And in addition to our already-late bedtimes, many of our sleep cycles are also sabotaged by our late-night eats (like ice cream, cookies,Continue reading 6 Foods That’ll Put You To Sleep →

On the 21st of March, on the way to be a guest of C2E2 from OHare, I experienced a sub arachnoid hemmorage in the airport terminal. A stroke. At the same time I also fractured my ankle. As a result I was unable to attend C2E2 and instead spent nearly 2 weeks in the ICU ward of Presence Resurre...

How do dental implants work? What types of dental implants are available? What are pros and cons of dental implants? Find out your answers instantly.

If you’ve ever experienced that nose-burning sensation after cleaning the kitchen table, you’ve probably considered using gentler cleaning products.Continue reading How To Clean Your Home Without Turning It Into A Chemical Wasteland →

Whether you’re a dedicated gym rat who spent the winter months hitting the weights hard, skipping cardio, and chowing down for the sake of packing on muscle, or you lived out these past few months bundled up on the couch with a takeout container in-hand, it’s time to face the music: Warmer months—and the infamousContinue reading 7 Training And Supplement Tweaks To Make For ‘Cutting Season’ →

A healthy keto diet means loading up on the right fats—not just enough fat. Here, we’ll break down which fats to focus on—and which to minimize.

Everyone is looking to get shredded for the summer—but many of us dread the thought of slaving away on the dreadmill, er, treadmill. So what’s an abs-seeker to do? To find out, we tapped three diet, fitness, and weight-loss experts for their insight on getting lean without going cardio-crazy. 1. Do Heavy Total-Body Strength CircuitsContinue reading 4 Ways To Get Lean When You Hate Cardio →

With these high-protein dessert recipes, you can keep it clean and get your cookie, brownie, and fudge fix on the regular.

Want to boost your health naturally? If you’re interested in incorporating herbs into your healthy lifestyle, here are a few on-fire options to consider.