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Overwhelmed. Too many projects. Too many tasks. Not enough time. These challenges put us outside of our comfort zone, and we have to find a way to work through

Why you need to maintain your fuel system
Fuel filters and fuel injectors… how much do you know about them? If the thought of having your vehicle’s fuel system cleaned seems foreign to you, you’re not alone. The majority of vehicle owners don’t give the maintenance of the fuel system much thought, until they begin to have problems with engine performance. A fuel system that becomes dirty or compromised can greatly affect power, performance and fuel economy. And, not only will you be…

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When the coolant gets old, it can no longer adequately do its job and you run the risk of an overheating engine. Find out how to maintain the cooling system.

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Administrative Assistant (Staten Island)
Assume receptionist duties; greet public and refer them to appropriate staff members, answer phones, route calls, and take messages.
Assist staff with administrative duties as requested
Compile statistical information for Directors as requested.
Distribute incoming mail and prepare outgoing mail
Maintain front desk area
Order office supplies and monitor inventory.
Enroll new staff into Therap
Facilitate special event registration.

091518_V9I5_ALJ Hiring Process President Trump recently signed an Executive Order that changes the process for selecting administrative law judges (ALJs). ALJs conduct trial-like hearings within federal agencies in disputes over decisions such as claims for benefits and enforcement actions against individuals or businesses. This is important to those involved with elder care because most ALJs [...]

The experienced and award-winning Robert G. Shaw is expected to launch a strategic growth phase for Postal Connections as it pursues national expansion

The Administrative Assistant for Our Long Island Office is responsible for greeting the public and referring them to appropriate staff members, answering phones, routing calls and taking messages. This position will assist staff administrative duties as requested, assist the Directors with compiling statistical information as requested, distribute incoming mail and prepare outgoing mail
This position will also be in charge of maintaining the front desk area…