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In nature, the only way for animals to achieve perfect vision is to crossbreed with an eagle, usually resulting in eagle-eyed abominations such as snakes with talons and flying pumas. Keeping human senses sharp proves to be a less formidable task with this voucher. Choose Between Two Options $51 for a contact-lens package (a $165 total value) Contact-lens exam and follow-up visit (an $75 value) Three-month…

Ms M was recently invited to the Hilton Garden Inn over at the Old Trafford cricket ground. She was invited to try out their special Valentine’s Day menu in the Garden Bar & Grille, so used this as an excuse for date night with Mr C.

A brand-new franchising opportunity wants to turn military veterans into small business owners. G-FORCE, based in Bedford, NH, is a parking lot striping franchise that is open exclusively to veterans of the United States Military and active Guard and Reserve. Founded by Jack Child, a 10-year Army and Air Force veteran, the company started operations last year and just received the green light to start accepting franchisees.

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One of the most asked questions by NGOs is: How often should our organization post on social media? In truth, there’s no correct answer that applies to all NGOs because there are so many variables that affect engagement. Algorithms vary by country, by the size of your following, by how often your NGO has posted in …

Mid-Atlantic Transmission LLC will operate and maintain the new 17.6-mile double-circuit, 115 kV transmission line

Pops Meatball Appetizer (3) topped with ricotta, grated cheese & our spicy marinara

Today a reader sent me info regarding the LockCrypt Ransomware still being actively distributed over hacked remote desktop services. This variant, when installed, will encrypt a victim's files and then append the .1btc extension to encrypted file names.

Citing a report from the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA), the White House said on Friday that cyberattacks cost the US economy somewhere between $57 billion to $109 billion in 2016.

Choose from Four Options $49 for 1-hour escape room admissions for two ($60 value) $95 for 1-hour escape room admissions for four ($120 value) $136 for 1-hour escape room admissions for six ($180 value) $172 for 1-hour escape room admissions for eight ($240 value)

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The Deal $27 for an eye exam and $200 toward complete prescription glasses or sunglasses ($265 value) 20/20 Vision: An Imperfect Ratio The included eye exam will determine your visual acuity, which compares your vision to the 20/20 standard. Read on to find out what this metric really means. Possessing 20/20 vision may be considered perfect, a level of visual acuity reserved for Navy pilots and the bald eagles that train them, but in fact it’s not even close to average. Developed by…

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Choice of: Synthetic Blend Oil Change Full-Synthetic Oil Change Both oil change options include tire rotation, brake inspection, top-off fluids, and multi-point inspection. Synthetic Oil: Sending Petroleum the Way of the Dinosaurs Before the invention of synthetic motor oil in the 1930s, machinery was protected with not only petroleum, but also rendered fat, vegetable oil, and even whale oil. Read on to learn how synthetic oil…

2018 New Jersey Cybersecurity Conference
This conference qualifies for CPE credits
Passes include a full lunch, entrance into the main conference room and all conference material
Program Description:
Data Connectors will be hosting the New Jersey Cybersecurity Conference on Thursday, March 15th. The event will start at 8:15 AM with a check-in and opening introductions before presentation sessions begin at 8:45. Between the educational sessions that…

In January, The Episcopal Archdiocese of New York officially sponsored the debut of a radical new play (A New York Lamentation) about the history of its invo...

If you're compensating for stress in unhealthy ways, you may benefit greatly from increased self-care. Not sure where to start? Consider these tips.

A NEW YORK LAMENTATION: In January of 2018, at an obscure parish church in the sometimes forgotten Outer Borough of Staten Island, the Episcopal Diocese of New York premiered a controversial play they'd sponsored about its role in sustaining and perpetuating the American Institution of Slavery. Here's the reaction--from the Episcopal boondocks--to what happened after the world premiere of this important new play. DISCLAIMER: This press…

Top strategists and economists across Bank of America weigh in on the key issues, questions and potential opportunities ahead in 2018, including: How will tax reform impact the economy?, how will the markets respond?, and will the global economy continue to grow?

*To be eligible for the $3,250 loan amount, your expected Federal refund less authorized fees must be at least $5,095. Actual loan amount may vary. An Easy Advance (EA) is a loan secured by your tax refund and is offered by Republic Bank & Trust Company, member FDIC, to eligible taxpayers. There are no fees or interest associated with the EA. Loan is subject to underwriting and approval. EA proceeds are typically available within 24 hours of IRS acceptance of tax return (or…