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Pandas at the San Diego Zoo in California have become the latest "collateral damage" due to the prolonged US-China trade war, reported China Press. Bai Yun (White Cloud) and her cub Xiao Liwu (Little Present) were recalled to China after the country scrapped its conservation loan agreement with the United States.

By Charista Mroczek | Posted May 23, 2019 at 03:50 PM
Editor's Note: This column is written by the Advance's collegiate correspondent
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Staten Island resident Alexandria Elizabeth Hodnik is doing it all. As a current senior at the Gaynor McCown Expeditionary Learning School, Alexandria isn’t letting her Asperger syndrome (AS) diagnosis get in the way of pursuing her dreams
AS, also known…

Today's #Gripe Session features some serious stuff... 1) Busy...BUSY...BUSY! 2) New Episodes Coming Soon (Who's on them??) 3) Lets get serious,,,

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Outgoing Library Commissioner Brian Bannon insists a recent report critical of staff levels isn’t why he took a top library job in New York.

Perform accounts payable duties related to the department
Create on-order items in the libraryâs ILS by importing electronically or manually creating temporary bibliographic information after searing the ILS for duplications
Work with multiple vendors to order items electronically or manually based on selector requests, price, availability, and formats.
Receiving incoming shipments, create and verify invoices on the libraryâs ILS, reconcile discrepancies with vendors and adjust the…

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Overwhelmed. Too many projects. Too many tasks. Not enough time. These challenges put us outside of our comfort zone, and we have to find a way to work through

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Granted a lot of these guidelines and hints are legitimate for any age, but due to the fact I’m touring with an infant and that I’m in the techniques survivi...

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Next up, Professor Marston and The Wonder Women. If behind every great man is a great woman, then Harvard psychologist/inventor Dr. William Moulton Marston had the good fortune of having two: his…

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