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Enjoying your family and building up your faith is the wisest use of your time.

Overwhelmed. Too many projects. Too many tasks. Not enough time. These challenges put us outside of our comfort zone, and we have to find a way to work through

Stargirl’s cast! Trent Reznor’s hired! The Captains Marvel lead to some confusion! Hannibal was too perfect for this world! Meteor Man exists! Superboy’s wor...

Melissa Ruiz is inspired by health and wellness. She grew up playing sports and was formerly a WNBA cheerleader. She studied yoga under the guidance of Marina De Lima and Anayra Calderon, graduating from Yoga In the World RYS. Her training is Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa based. Melissa is an athletic enthusiast so expect a powerful flow with lots of core work. Melissa is obsessed with her Shiba Inu named King and in her spare time is training for the NYC marathon. She…

Disc replacement with an artificial disc for chronic back pain offers several theoretical benefits over the spinal fusion.

With the booming trend of co-working and flexible office space, it's no wonder the medical office market is also jumping on board. Here's why more doctors and medical offices are considering using co-working spaces to better serve their patients.

Are you aware of what guidelines you should already be following? What about IT laws and regulations that already exist?

Students who drive to school, play sports or participate in other extracurricular activities, like band, will be tested.