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As the holidays approach, parties become numerous, and with each party comes the challenge of keeping your commitment to healthful eating.

Get information about the days with the busiest holiday traffic in Manhattan.

The amazing benefits of sweating are not limited to physical fitness. They include mental and emotional benefits as they release our natural endorphins.

It's time to Renew your ITIN!! Give us a call and let us handle your ITIN renewal application!
"Who Has to Renew an ITIN
The IRS emphasizes that no action is needed by ITIN holders if they don’t...

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Postal Connections of America is a network of franchise stores serving people with packaging, shipping, mail receiving, fax sending or receiving, duplicating, notary, online access, packing & office supplies, as well as, numerous other services

ProbioticsProbiotics are live microorganisms (mostly bacteria) that when taken in the right amounts, provide health benefits. We already have bacteria in our digestive system, also known as gut flora....

Stuck at your desk all day? Try doing yoga at work. These yoga moves ease neck and back strain, and let you slip in quick toning.

If you're concerned about keeping up with good oral hygiene, you may be wondering how long to brush your teeth for the best… Read more at Colgate.com

There are many reasons to be thankful for modern medicine — and advances in oral hygiene and dentistry rank high among them. You might hate wearing braces, getting cavities fi lled or having wisdom teeth pulled, but consider this: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said members of the Baby Boomer generation will, as a majority, be the fi rst to retain their natural teeth over their lifetime.

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$10 for 20lbs of shredding at Staples ($19.80 value)

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This page provides resources for individuals that have been diagnosed with having diabetes.

Join others from across the nation and the world as we work together to raise awareness of the support that grieving children need and deserve!

The YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program gets to the root of the diabetes epidemic by helping those at high risk of developing the disease make healthy lifestyle changes that decrease their chances of developing diabetes. The program focuses on key areas of concern, including healthy eating, increased physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight.

NYC Tech Jobs promotes critical development, data, and design jobs for the City of New York.

Fruit fits easily into breakfast, but vegetables can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help you wake up your kid's fruit and vegetable appetite.

At first glance, your dazzling teeth may seem healthy, but weak enamel can still undermine your oral health without discoloring your smile. Learn more.

Angelique S. Chengelis, Matt Charboneau, John Niyo and Bob Wojnowski predict the outcome of the Michigan-Minnesota game.

Human beings are born completely dependent on their parents. Unlike many other mammals, much of our brain development takes place outside the womb. A newly born foal can stand and walk within hours. A human baby takes years. This dependence on parents or caregivers means that it is normal for a child to feel anxious …

Fall foliage season is an excellent time to visit New York City’s parks. Some of the most popular parks in New York afford glimpses of spectacular fall colors.

All contact lenses are classified as medical devices by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and require a valid prescription, whether they correct your vision or are worn simply for a special occasion, like Halloween, proms or weddings
"Even though these are non-corrective lenses, they still pose the same potential health and safety risks as other contact lenses," says Glenda Secor, O.D., past-chair of the…

One of the best things to do during Halloween is join the fun during the Village Halloween Parade—NYC's spookiest procession. Use our guide to participate.

Before or after the ghoulish procession, set some time aside to check out the best things to do around the Village Halloween parade

Can you remember the last time you had fish for dinner? Studies show that improved memory is just one of many brain-boosting benefits associated with eating more fish.

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Sleep helps you learn, improves your immune system responses, and can even help you play the piano better.