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Students on the autism spectrum, and those with other disabilities, could soon enroll in a boroughwide college preparatory charter school.

You will never regret trusting God to lead you through life. .

Focus on the big picture and leverage your life to leave a legacy of honor.

Life is filled with problematic situations. In order to press through you need prayer.

Sleep-deprived teachers have one more reason to look forward to the coming summer break: a camp to help them overcome their chronic insomnia.

For all girls entering Kindergarten in Fall 2018!
You're invited to a special birthday party for all girls entering Kindergarten in Fall 2018! Get a birthday surprise and information about joining the Girl Scouts.
Girl Scouts is an experience that benefits the whole family, and you'll create memories that last a lifetime. It starts with one day, one meeting and one role model to show her she can accomplish more than she ever imagined!
Find your Pre-K Birthday Party below:

The collaborative process offers a "no-court" format for both clients and their lawyers to resolve their differences in an informal atmosphere of dialogue.

Meditation isn’t just for yogis and want to be Buddhas.  Meditation is a tool.  Think about meditation the way you think abut taking a walk to blow off steam, or going to the gym to help lower your blood pressure.   The wonderful thing about meditation is that you can acce

Let’s face it: getting divorced can be an emotionally charged experience, particularly if the proceedings become contentious. One way to avoid the acrimony that can arise in a marital breakup is by pursuing an approach known as collaborative law divorce
Collaborative Law at a Glance
There are three overarching principles of a collaborative divorce. First, this approach is designed to avoid litigation and intervention by the…