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When The House With A Clock in Its Walls opens on September 21, we’ll meet young Lewis Barnavelt, who goes to live with his unusual uncle. But this film isn’t some routine family story. Lewis’s...

Endings are difficult. It’s one thing to craft a satisfying ending for a single movie. Capping off a whole set of movies with a show-stopping conclusion – especially a series audiences have watched...

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VANCOUVER — Rogers Communications Inc. has partnered with the University of British Columbia to build a campus hub for 5G innovation.
The telecommunications company says it will deploy 5G-ready network equipment on the campus early next year.
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The Reconstruction was one of the most important eras of American History, not only because it shaped the future of the Unites States, but also due to the ma...

Take control of pain management with these 7 natural ways to relieve chronic back pain.

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Life Itself explores all the joys and despair of life. The second feature from This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman weaves together four separate stories that explore love, family bonds, and death....

Add some size and definition to your shoulders with this upper body push workout from Trainer Mike. ► Shop Dymatize Supplements: ► A...

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Many enterprises are struggling with managing their cloud computing security posture and this can lead to exposing your enterprise to risks. Whether you’re an organization using AWS, GCP or Azure the one thing you have in common with other organizations is that the job of mitigating risks with Cloud Computing is never realized. “Playing defense in the cloud is much better than playing offense”
In this webinar, we will explore
• “Top Ten Enterprise Cloud Risks” you need to avoid now.
• How…

Are you aware of what guidelines you should already be following? What about IT laws and regulations that already exist?

Students who drive to school, play sports or participate in other extracurricular activities, like band, will be tested.

SGS clinical research has successfully implemented advanced techniques for the collection and use of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs) for early phase clinical trials.

THURSDAY, Sept. 20, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- Your tendency to share may depend less on your own nature and more on the surrounding culture, a new study suggests
If you're among people who share, you will likely share, too. But if the group doesn't practice giving, you probably won't either, researchers say.
This finding is based on a six-year study of the Hadza hunter-gatherer people in Tanzania. Their lives have remained mostly unchanged for hundreds of years.
"The Hadza are one of the…

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