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Send your child to school with earplugs to use if the child feels like a certain environment is too loud.
Teach your child about how the ears work and how hearing can be harmed by loud noise.
Schedule a hearing test for your child.
Raise awareness within the school about noise-induced hearing loss.

Lack of sleep can worsen pain, and more intense pain then continues to interfere with sleep, so the two symptoms can become a vicious cycle. This makes using the right kind of sleep aids the right way an important component of many treatment plans.

Meningitis is a serious condition that occurs when the protective membranes of the brain and spinal cord become infected. Symptoms of meningitis include neck stiffness, fever, and headache.

By Maura Grunlund | | Posted September 17, 2018 at 08:00 AM | Updated September 17, 2018 at 01:23 PM
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About 15 minutes into the 1977 hit Smokey and the Bandit, Burt Reynolds performs the sort of career-defining moment only a few actors ever get. The Bandit, played by Reynolds, has just evaded the...

VICTORIA — The Province of British Columbia has awarded $139.3 million in royalty deductions for 27 projects.
Approximately $120 million in royalty deductions will go to 20 new projects under the Infrastructure Royalty Credit Program (IRCP), and $19.3 mi

HYAS, Sask. - A rural politician in eastern Saskatchewan says he's at a loss to explain why a newly built bridge collapsed just hours after opening.
Reeve Duane Hicks says the Dyck Memorial Bridge in the Rural Municipality of Clayton looked good on Frida

Dr. Joseph T. Mormino discusses what to expect of your dental crown lifespan and replacement needs, including how to extend the life of your crown.

Certain synthetic drugs are not showing up on drug tests causing a false hope for drug users and major concerns for emergency departments. Doctor Zachary Dezman joins Fox45 to talk about the issues these drugs are causing.

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AngelList's former general counsel, Kendrick Nguyen, has created a crypto spin-off to help bring Silicon Valley into the homes of investors across the globe. The securities lawyer gives his insight as to why it's important for companies like Republic, to lead in the regulation and securities sector.

From machines that draw water out of thin air to lasers from Mars - NPR science correspondent Joe Palca has seen it all. He shares some of his favourite discoveries.

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Fifty-six percent of parents of teens who have sleep troubles believe the use of electronics is hurting their child's shut-eye.