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Strong Island Voices Learning About Recycling
On July 12, 2018, Strong Island Voices had an amazing presentation given by Maureen Early from Covanta. The “Where does your garbage go” presentation was so informative and the advocacy group loved it! We were able to learn all about how to reduce, recycle, and reuse our garbage along with how the Covanta Westbury plant is able to recover it into useful energy!

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at Historic Richmond Town
Join Corner House BBQ and The Flagship Brewery for the Tavern Terrace Concert Series at Staten Island's biggest backyard summer celebration every Saturday to raise funds for the internationally-acclaimed acoustic music performance space, the J. Guyon Tavern! Free admission! Donations appreciated! NO Outside Food or Beverages permitted at the picnic tables. Table reservations accepted
Saturday July 21: Giffords Lane presents pure rock…

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