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Barbara Vanzile, who resides in our Elmwood Park group home, celebrated her 60th Birthday on December 23, 2018. Barbara moved into this home in May of 2004 and has loved the family she has been a part of and the many other relationships she has formed since that time. Barbara enjoys working on puzzles, watching TV, going to the mall, and going out to restaurants with her staff and peers in her home
Barbara lived at home until both her parents passed away.…

It's not just a cardiac event that can send you to the hospital when shoveling. Learn how to stay safe when removing snow this winter.

Donna Vandyke has been with The Center for Family Support since 2001. She began working as a DSP at the Lincoln Park group home and was promoted to Group Home Manager for the Nutley group in 2007
Throughout the years Donna has continuously demonstrated her dedication to the individuals she supports. Donna helps them to recognize their abilities and to maximize their achievements by encouraging them…

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Although there are no rules in place for driving while tired, drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Dear Friends,
We look forward to seeing you for meditation tomorrow at 11:30 AM. The Museum will resume its regular visitor hours on Wednesday, January 23rd.
Thank you and Happy New Year.

For more than 20 years, The Center for Family Support (CFS) opened Group Homes in the state of New Jersey. Their mission is committed to providing support and assistance to individuals with developmental and related disabilities, and to the family members who care for them. This year we celebrate a team member that has reached a significant milestone with the company working her twentieth year with CFS
In 1998, Sharon Davis began working as a Direct Care Counselor for the Elmwood Park Group…

Human beings are born completely dependent on their parents. Unlike many other mammals, much of our brain development takes place outside the womb. A newly born foal can stand and walk within hours. A human baby takes years. This dependence on parents or caregivers means that it is normal for a child to feel anxious …