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Dexur analyzed Oct 2015 to Sep 2018 Medicare claims data for Pulmonary Embolism hospitalizations in Virginia to rank length of stay (LOS) in the ICU at all hospitals in Virginia. Hospital rankings are also adjusted for risk based on the DRG (which groups hospitalization based on severity and risk) level quality outcomes.

By The Goddard School • April 7th, 2019
Slime can be a great teaching tool that incorporates STEAM learning. Help your children learn about science by creating slime with them. Use technology to research slime recipes, and use math to measure out ingredients
Try this recipe for making slime, and then use the slime for the fun activities below.
Use slime to teach your children about shapes. You can create more than one batch of slime. Use one batch to demonstrate things to…

On this day in History, April Fools’ tradition popularized on Apr 01, 1700. Learn more about what happened today on History.

Tommy, Zendaya and stylist Law Roach sit down with YouTube’s Director of Fashion & Beauty Derek Blasberg to talk the spring collection, star signs and the po...

Have you ever wondered why we even bother buying our kids toys when all they really want is the cardboard box to build a fort? Grab your kids, and some scissors, and get ready to make some memories with these creative ideas for cardboard forts.

Many children plead, "Please mom, dad, I need one. I'll take good care of it." Can you guess what this is all about? Yes, that furry bundle of responsibility known as a pet.

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FredParent is the FXBG region's go-to site for family events, children's activities, schools, contests and more!

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By The Goddard School • August 15th, 2013
Jack Maypole, MD
Infants and toddlers are like wobbly ninjas, focused maniacally on tasting and mouthing items from coins to blocks to the odd flotsam and jetsam that lives on living room floors. Parents know to beware, to police an area well…as you never know what they’ll pop in their mouth next. Infant and toddler oral fixation is…

Dive into mounds of luscious vegetables smothered over a whole wheat crust, artfully seasoned with olive oil-herb blend, including basil and garlic. Serve with a side salad and simple home-made vinaigrette.

Not sure what to pack your little one each day? Here are five easy lunches to help you out!

By The Goddard School • November 19th, 2014
Are you stuck inside because of the freezing temperatures or the rain? Take a step back from the TV, tablet or video game, and shake up your normal routine. When the weather prevents your children from playing outside, provide them with challenging activities and active games
Have a Board Game Competition.
Hold a board game competition in your living or family room. Spend the day playing different games. You can even compete for prizes.

With holiday meals soon to be in full swing, our younger diners may benefit from these simple tips for minding their manners when dining with others. •If the meal is not buffet style, wait until everyone has been seated and has their food before beginning to eat. •Place your napkin in your lap before beginning to eat and use it to dab your mouth, when necessary. •If you have to blow your nose or pick your teeth, excuse yourself to go to another…

Want to free yourself from time-consuming tasks so you can focus on the creative work you enjoy? Try taking these tasks off your to-do list.

Riverside Dinner Theater, Central Virginia area's premiere dinner theater

Nissan engineers can’t leave the GT-R alone, and that’s a good thing.

By The Goddard School • May 2nd, 2018
We asked you what product or strategy helps streamline your mornings and get you out the door on time. These ideas are serious game changers
I wait until I’m at work to have my coffee. It motivates me to get ready and keeps me from lingering.
— Libby Cutler, Richmond, Virginia
I keep the kids’ socks, shoes, and hair stuff next to the garage door so we don’t have to run around for the last…

Emergency Plumbing Atlanta A day at the park may seem like ‘just another day,’ but learning and bonding experiences flourish at the park! Pack for Safety

By Sue Adair • October 1st, 2009
There comes a day when your child will ask to sleep over at a friend’s house for the very first time. Whether because of homesickness or fear of bedwetting, sleepovers can turn into a nerve-wracking experience for children. As parents, how can you prepare for your child’s first sleepover? What should you expect
Here are some helpful tips to guide parents and children through the first sleepover.
Start somewhere comfortable. Spending the night in a strange…

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What can I expect
Completely painless and non-invasive, an MRI scan usually takes 45 minutes to an hour per body part being scanned. You will need to lie very still during the exam, and you may be instructed to hold your breath for short periods of time. In a traditional MRI, you will be in a tunnel that is open on both ends with good ventilation. A True Open MRI is open on all sides, which can be greatly comforting for patients who…

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Rates of occurrence in the United States
Close to 49,750 Americans will be diagnosed with oral oropharyngeal cancer this year. It will cause over 9,750 deaths, killing roughly 1 person per hour, 24 hours per day. Of those 49,750 newly diagnosed individuals, only slightly more than half will be alive in 5 years. (Approximately 57%) This

By newscred • April 23rd, 2018
It’s never too early to learn about financial responsibility
Working moms already do a great job in leading by example and teaching their kids about the value of hard work, but one mom took things a bit further by actually giving her daughter imaginary bills and checks to teach her some key financial lessons.
Lynn Brooks, a working mom of two from Birmingham, AL, posted her parenting hack on Facebook where it has since been shared more…

For 2018, Nissan’s Armada adds a few minor upgrades and a new top-level trim.

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