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The personal injury law firm of Allen & Allen raised over 55,000 pounds of food for the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank, FeedMore, and Blue Ridge Area Food Bank this spring during the 13th annual Legal Food Frenzy. The firm’s Stafford office won in the Small Firm category in the Fredericksburg area. The Legal Food Frenzy... Read more »

Spiritual Adoption Program There is no easier way to keep the pro-life conversation going in your home or elementary classroom than by spiritually adopting a baby! The new Holy Heroes Spiritual Adoption Program is wonderful. We love it because it offers a great opportunity for parents and teachers to help reinforce p

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Allen & Allen raised over 55,000 pounds of food during the 13th annual Legal Food Frenzy, an annual competition to benefit local food banks.

After dropping a lawsuit against the actor, Spacey's accuser invoked his fifth amendment rights, putting the criminal case in doubt. Read more on FindLaw's Celebrity Justice.

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Mary Birkholz, president of Caring For Creatures, had no idea she had been nominated for Allen & Allen’s annual Hometown Hero honor and was shocked when Allen & Allen called to give her the news
“It was a huge surprise,” said Birkholz. “I am very honored to receive such an award. My biggest hope is that any recognition I receive will put more spotlight on homeless animals and how many are still at risk and in need of help.”
Allen & Allen has…

A helmet is by far the most important and most effective piece of protective equipment a motorcycle driver or passenger can wear. Helmets save lives by reducing the

One Washington city is battling the trend of barely-clothed coffee service stands, and, thus far, winning. Learn more on FindLaw's Legal Grounds blog.

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U.S. Senator Joe Manchin introduced a bill on Tuesday aimed at getting U.S. Soccer to pay the men's and women's teams equally.

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