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Did you know that oral health affects your entire well-being? Test your knowledge in our quiz about how taking care of your teeth affects you.

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways. Common symptoms include coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, rapid breathing, chest tightness.

I first heard the name Sandra Bland during the summer of 2015. On July 10 of that year, Texas state trooper Brian Encinia pulled Bland over. She was leaving Prairie View A&M University, where she had just signed papers to accept a new job. Although a Chicago native, Bland was not new to Texas. She had graduated from Prairie View A&M in 2009. Founded in 1876 to educate former slaves, Prairie View is approximately fifty miles northwest of Houston in a town that…

Librarians from several South America Church of the Nazarene educational institutions met 26-29 June for new technology training at Seminario Teológico Nazareno del Cono Sur (Nazarene Theological Seminary of the Southern Cone) in Pilar, Argentina.

If you have a hobby that involves exposure to loud noises, it’s wise to try and protect your hearing. Here are 4 hobbies that require ear protection.

“I wanted to create a piece of art that Black folks can watch and feel their distrust is affirmed, but also challenged.”

An overview of the service of the Limb Reconstruction & Lengthening Center at Shriners Hospital for Children - St. Louis

15 years ago, a New York Times writer compared the Murder Inc singer to a post Destiny Child's Beyonce. My how things done changed.

A boy and a bike. It’s simple. A 13-year-old who wants to spend the summer out riding with his buddies. But for Tim Bannon, 13, it’s a bit more complicated.
“I really wanted, since I was about 7, a real bike,” Tim said. “My grandfather actually just gave me a regular, normal bike out of the trash, like a recycled bike, and I was like, ‘Wow this is amazing.’”

Hearing aids can be difficult to comprehend. This brief guide to the three most common styles of hearing aid should at least give you a decent head start.

Helpful Tips As you consider the award categories, please keep in mind the following guidelines in preparing your nomination: Criteria: The criteria for the award and how the nominee fits the criteria for the chosen category Accomplishments: What is/are the nominee’s specific accomplishment(s) and how were they achieved Impact: What measurable impact the nominee has …

Forget the excuses—here are seven hardcore facts to support incorporating a solid yoga practice into your life.

Audiologists help not just with hearing aids, but with ensuring they work as well as possible. Here are some common questions about hearing aid repairs.

Your oral health can significantly impact your general health. Find out why keeping your teeth and gums healthy is so important. Get the facts on all things dental and oral health, from symptoms of oral diseases to treatment and prevention. Learn about cavities, gingivitis, fluoride, the link to diabetes, and more.

The Nazarene Missions International District Council in Argentina's Cuyo District held a lay leader training day at Belen Church of the Nazarene in Rivadavia, Argentina, on 5 May. The event's theme was "Forming Leaders After God's Own Heart" and was organized by NMI District President Maria Geroli.

New Professionals Guide to Continuing Education
New Professionals Guide to Continuing Education
A continuing education unit (CEU) is a unit of credit that equals 10 hours of participation in an accredited education or training program. CEUs are designed for professionals who have obtained certification or licensure to stay up to date with current practices in their field, typically on an annual or biennial basis. As a…

Choose any (or all!) of the web seminars in the eAudiology library (nearly 200 to choose from).
Presented by Rebecca Bingea, AuD; Kelly Corcoran, AuD; Alison Grimes, AuD; Jessica Novak, AuD; Devon Weist, AuD
0.30 credits offered
Presented by Kristin Gravel, AuD, PASC; Mandy Pendleton, AuD; Jourdan Holder, AuD; Sarah Sydlowski, AuD, PhD; Jamie Glater, AuD; Steven Smith, AuD; Barbara Friedman, AuD; Andrea Bucker, AuD

What are the signs and symptoms you should look for when it comes to gum disease? Here are typical warning signs to look out for!

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