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It is now impossible to watch feats like Biles’s triumphant comeback without an awareness of the abuse that she and so many other women in the sport have suffered.

The Digital Home for Duke University Professor and Left of Black host Mark Anthony Neal

Horror comics enjoyed a golden age in the 1940s and '50s, before people got scared about kids reading gore and terror — but they never went away entirely, and now there's a new generation of scares.

Cerulean comes from the Latin word caeruleus, which means 'dark blue' and is most likely from caelum, the Latin word for 'sky.' An artist rendering a sky of blue in oils or watercolors might choose a

We've learned that a Maine woman was killed in the rollover crash that shut down I-391 north in Chicopee for hours Monday afternoon.

Granby residents made their voices heard in a Monday night vote on whether or not to allow marijuana facilities in town.

Law enforcement authorities are searching for a man who's suspected of threatening to shoot President Donald Trump.

 Virtually every headline celebrating the life and career of Aretha Franklin, who died of pancreatic cancer on Aug. 16 at age 76,  will describe her

The hip-hop world is paying their respects following the death of Aretha Franklin.

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by Amelia J. Holstrom Have you updated your handbook to reflect recent changes to state and/or federal laws? Does your handbook address employee use of social media? Do you have incorrect or outdated information in your handbook? If you don’t have a handbook or haven’t updated yours in a while,…

Looking to expand Asian representation in Hollywood, Lee gave us a diverse, pop culture classic.

Franklin's gospel recordings presented black life itself as a sacred practice. On albums like Amazing Grace, she is less individual genius than willing instrument of the world that created her.

The Digital Home for Duke University Professor and Left of Black host Mark Anthony Neal

There is an interesting time lag between the appearance of imperturbable and its antonym, perturbable. Although imperturbable is known to have existed since the middle of the 15th century, perturbable

The star of the Oscar-winning film Moonlight talks race relations in Hollywood, working with Denzel Washington, and his eclectic taste in movies

Defining things as racist is like that exercise swim instructors do, where they tell kids to swim to them but keep walking backwards so the goal is never actually reached. Except in this exercise, the American public is trying to agree on whether something is racist or not, and the swim instructor is the ever-receding standard ...

The Teacher Leadership Institute is a partnership among the MTA, the NEA, the Center for Teaching Quality and the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to prepare educators who want to play a greater role in shaping the policies and practices that govern teaching and learning in the U.S.

From the moment a white person is born they are afforded certain privileges. While the extent and nature of those privileges vary, one thing’s consistent: If you’re white, society says, “You’re out here winning.”