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Finally! All the haircut inspiration you need in one place. We talked to Bumble and Bumble hairstylist and GQ favorite guy Jordan M about the most influential celebrity haircuts, how to get 'em, and how to style 'em at home.

Haven't loved your last few cuts, and not sure how to say exactly what you want? Follow these tips, per our grooming expert.

For most guys who aren’t barbers, it can be tough to describe how we want our haircut. If you’re the kind of guy who has trouble articulating the type of haircut you really want, here are a few mens haircut terms that you can use. Mens Haircut Terminology Arch – The arch is the area …

Looking for an old fashioned barbershop with contemporary style and convenience in downtown Chicago? Pay a visit to State Street Barbers today.

Anyone who’s ever asked me for tips on how to shave has always heard me suggest the use of a pre-shave oil. So it’s only right that I try the best I can to review as many as possible to…

Offering a distinctive collection of upscale men’s services, 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon encourages men to relax in a signature lounge area before their grooming services, which range from cuts and styling (modern and classic) to straight-edge hot lather shaves, facials, massages, scalp treatments and more.

A new East Village establishment has an amusing conceit: Every $40 haircut or $30 shave comes with a cocktail (or beer or wine) from an adjacent lounge in back.

Please take note of the month and day of your appointment when booking
When scheduling online, you will be shown the next available appointment, which is not necessarily in that same week. Rather, the next available appointment is often several weeks out. We've noticed quite a few of our clients have been showing up on the wrong week. Please pay close attention to the reminder e-mails and texts as well. These help eliminate any confusion.
For same-day appointments, please call the shop at…

Barbers talk with a wide range of men throughout their careers. We figured they'd have some good life advice, and they delivered.

During the golden age for barber shops,the barber shop was a weekly habit, not only for a haircut and a perfect shave, but also to fraternize with friends.

Paddy Myers is from Greenville, SC. Paddy is really good at listening to what your needs are and delivering a haircut that will exceed your expectations.

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When i returned to work I had a co-worker want to know where I got my hair cut. She needed someone to cut her sons hair of course I recommend Lou
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The barbershop is one of the most popular places for me to go regarding haircuts and other grooming services. One of the main reasons why the barbershop is a popular place for men to go to get haircuts and other grooming services are the barbers...

May River High School recently held a special fundraiser for 15-year-old Michael Mugrage, who was diagnosed with high-risk rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer. He faces 54 weeks of treatment for the cancer that has spread to his lungs, skull and bone marrow. In addition to jeans day and candy bar sales, principal Todd Bornscheuer, four faculty members and five students sold $1 tickets to have their heads shaved. The person who raised the most money "wins" to have his or…

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