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Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan has taken action to make it easier for parents to learn more about the schools in their neighborhood through the work of the Community Education Commission. It is the first step in a plan the mayor says will improve education in the city.

It’s incredibly important to understand how you’re perceived at work, especially when you’re looking to grow and develop within a company. These three questions will help you get a solid idea of how people perceive you and what you can do to improve and get ahead in your career.

The Ussurian tube-nosed bat of Japan joins the polar bear as the only animals known to hibernate in snow.

The real value of IoT lies in its data. Maciej Kranz says technologies like edge and fog computing, machine learning and AI can unlock the hidden value in data from the IIoT.

In a previous post, I gave some specific strategies for optimizing Visual Analytics reports by optimizing the underlying CAS tables. Let's take another look at this topic, but this time let's work from a specific example with Viya 3.4. In that article, I listed a number of techniques for optimizin...

Are you new to CAS? Or, maybe you just want to understand it better? Here are 6 key data concepts: Loaded Tables: CAS is not only an analytic and data transformation engine. It is also a data server. With a few exceptions, you need to load your data into CAS for CAS to analyze or process it. ...

With the release of Viya 3.4, there are now new advanced options available when importing local data files in the user interface. These options are on the Advanced tab and are: Unique ID – provides the option to add a column that contains a unique value for each row imported. You can specify the...

Viya 3.4 includes two releases of SAS Studio: SAS Studio 4.4, the “traditional” version that has been available with Viya since the first release. SAS Studio 5.1. This is a new microservices-based version, with a new interface. It integrates with other Viya components (SAS Drive, Launcher & Compute...

Knowing how to reference temporary work on a resume can be the difference between success in the job market and career frustration. Read our tips now.

Directly employs 161,000 workers and indirectly employs an additional 551,000 workers
Directly generates $75 billion in economic output and indirectly generates an additional $111 billion in economic output
In total, the U.S. aluminum industry supports nearly 713,000 jobs and $186 billion in economic output, more than 1 percent of Gross Domestic Product.
Aluminum industry jobs are high quality, advanced manufacturing jobs. Workers in the industry earn…

Shopping Center Property For Lease, Strip Center, Royal Oak, Michigan: 3,422 SF, listed by: Angela Thomas - Signature Associates

Oil's price hasn't rebounded, but many features of the commodity's performance suggest the bear is not in command of this market, Daryl Guppy writes.