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A false story being shared online claims a Muslim waitress refused to seat 27 Christians at a Mich. Waffle House

WE BELIEVE… in the one True God who has revealed himself as the eternally self-existent, self-revealed “I AM”.

One of the most stylish celebrity dads is Nigel Barker. He elevates a space with sophistication and attention to detail, whether he’s behind the camera or in front of it. His chic furniture collection is proof that you can combine family with fashion. “I’m a family man. I’ve been married for 22 years, and I’ve … Read More

The near genocidal war against the impoverished people of Yemen represents one of the greatest war crimes since the end of World War II.

Getting a job at a store or fast-food restaurant — often a way into the economy for an unskilled worker — used to be as simple as walking up and down the mall and applying. Now, with store chains closing and laying off thousands of workers, that path is more complicated.

A toothy squirrel named Bucky is once again fattening up on nuts after an Alberta woman trimmed his tusks.

The benefits of membership in the Aluminum Association are substantial. Producer and Associate Members alike are building relationships with issue experts, utilizing the most current statistics and standards to drive business decisions and advocating for a strong and vibrant industry. With unmatched information on standards, health, safety and environment, the Aluminum Association helps you stay one step ahead of industry trends and benefit from global best…

Do you spend much of your day pretending to work? You're not alone. A new book explains why.

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A common tactic for kicking off a productive workday doesn’t square with human psychology.

A Beginner’s Guide to Prayer: How To Pray For Your Family
Families are the spiritual and emotional incubators of life. So much of who we are and what we become is determined by what goes on in our families. Healthy families generally produce healthy people
One of the keys to a healthy family is the presence and power of God. God loves families and wants to work in them and through them to advance His work in the world. He wants to be…

Picking out a big-ticket — and perhaps highly symbolic — piece of jewelry for your significant other can be stressful. Minimize your risk of bungling it with these tips.

We all know exercise is good for the heart. Trouble is, it also seems to be one of the most difficult lifestyle habits for people to adopt. An exercise physiologist and heart health researcher shares his advice to get moving and incorporate fitness into your life for good.

This photo shows the Lawrence Tech exhibit -- and how exhibition attendees enter it, from below, to experience the music..
The intersection of design and sound is the focus of an art installati...

Thurswell Law 1000 Town Center Suite 500 Southfield, MI 48075 Phone: (248) 354-2222 www.thurswell.com/ plus.google.com/+ThurswellLaw A Detroi...

Challenge Proposed Changes To State Social Studies Standards
CAIR-MI today calls on people of conscience to voice their concerns over proposed changes in social studies standards for students in Michigan public schools
The proposed changes spearheaded by MI State Senator Patrick Colbeck, who is also running for the GOP nomination for governor, is attempting to strip state social studies standards from specific examples of the Civil…

Office gossip can be fun and make you feel included, but there are healthier ways to bond with your coworkers.

A Beginner’s Guide to Prayer: How To Pray When Nothing Seems To Be Changing
Have you ever prayed for something, and nothing seemed to happen? Sometimes it seems that God isn’t listening to us, or answering our prayers. In these moments it’s easy to lose faith and hope and give up on prayer
Jesus addressed this temptation in Luke 18:1 (NIV) “Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.” Jesus taught us…

A Beginner’s Guide to Prayer: How To Pray For Others
Every week people ask me to pray for them. Sometimes these requests for prayer are very specific. They might be a health or financial situation a person is dealing with. It could be a challenge at work, or a difficulty in a relationship that is causing stress or that needs resolution or reconciliation. I’m sure you’re asked to pray for people too
How do you handle the prayer requests of others? Here are…