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Save yourself from the turmoil of opening boxes of damaged toys at your new home by using the right packing techniques to protect those smaller items.

The ONC Health IT Certification Program indicates which health IT includes useful functionality.

When It’s All Behind You, Exercise May Be the Cure
When the pain is all behind you, just keep movin’. That’s a suggestion from Kaixuan Liu, MD, PhD , medical director of the Atlantic Spine Center and a world-renowned endoscopic spine surgeon, who says chronic, non-specific lower back pain may be best treated with low-impact exercises, yoga, Pilates, heat, massage therapy, physiotherapy, and other “non-medicinal” approaches…

With so many online shops today, the challenge, website owners face the challenge of holding a customer's attention long enough to purchase on their website. These 27 ecommerce strategy tips from the prose should help you stand out from your competitors.

lder Scots (Pinus sylvestris) pines like your trees as well as Austrian pines (Pinus nigra) generally will have developed a lot of character at the age of 25 but commonly begin to decline in health around that age in the Chicago area. Sometimes they will fail much earlier.

With data now in for the first third of the year, operators of some of the nation’s ports said they are setting records as the economy keeps booming — even as volume dipped at the nation’s largest port.

BlueLine Rental is looking for a Class A CDL Driver to join the team at the district's aerial branch in Tomball. The Class A Commercially Licensed Truck Driver (CDL) will deliver and pick up aerial equipment for customers in a safe, timely, and courteous manner. The CDL Driver will maintain a cur...

By John Black Boston, MA — Oswald ‘Oz’ Mondejar, Vice President of Talent Management and Sr. VP of Mission and Advocacy at Partners HealthCare, has seen his job description evolve in many ways since joining the organization seventeen years ago, but his dedication to making Partners a great place to build a career has never changed.... Read More

Video of the May 22, 2018 City Council Meeting with matters including amending Section 1280.10 of the Codified Ordinances dealing with rental property, appro...

Tesla Inc has slashed up to $14,000 off its Model X in China after Beijing announced major tariff cuts for imported automobiles, a potential sales boost for the U.S. firm as the world's largest auto market pivots towards electric cars. The carmaker will lower prices of its Model S and Model X cars

The Yard Support will inspect and perform all checkout and check-in procedures for equipment, and report equipment condition before and after usage. Additionally, will assist with routine inspections, repairs, maintenance, and cleaning of equipment. Overall, the Yard Support is responsible for ge...

The Inside Sales Coordinator services all walk-in and existing customers to maintain and increase the company's customer base and to achieve rental, sales, and service revenue goals. Manages new and existing customer accounts by negotiating terms; managing customer expectations, and resolving cus...

I almost never have time to sit down in a quiet room and read design books or blogs and find out what’s new in the UX/UI industry or what…

'Like pregnancy, dieting or pants with extra room, Italian cuisine creates cravings and can drive you slightly mad in fulfilling them. Stay in control of your pangs and simultaneously pocket savings with this offer at D’novo Restaurant & Pizza, worth $30 of pizza, pasta and more for $15. D’novo d’knows what to do when presented with ravenously hungry patrons: feed them fresh, handcrafted cuisine that does…

Catch up on some of the latest Bishop Ahr High School news and interviews with Video Production's latest newscast!

In the second chapter of Mark's gospel, we have two very interesting and different stories of people who brought their friends to Jesus Christ. In Mark 2 beginning in v.3 we read, "Some men came, bringing to him a paralytic, carried by four of them. Since they could not get him to Jesus because of the crowd, they made

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As hospitals collect patient data they must characterize it well, apply new technologies – and practice what Cleveland Clinic’s Paul Ford calls "human medicine."

After years of wariness from healthcare providers about off-premise data, new AI capabilities from Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft could make cloud storage easier and more trustworthy than ever.

How well do you know your logos? Put your mind to the test with our logo trivia challenge!

With its therapeutic and health benefits coupled with its aesthetic value, gardening is a great home activity. We’ve identified some of the top trends of the garden industry so that your home will look its best.

Last week I was blogging about life in ministry. I mentioned about going to a 40thbirthday party followed by a visit to a young widow who had just lost her forty-year-old husband. Inba was a young Indian man from Chennai, India. He had been involved with many other Indian fellowships besides his involvement with New

Serviceberries (scientific name Amelanchier spp.) are an ideal sized tree for most landscapes. Sometimes considered large shrubs, serviceberry trees are usually grown in clumps with many upright branches, although they

The All of Us Research Program is a NIH led research program. The mission of the program is to speed up health research and medical breakthroughs.

We provide a welcoming environment to employees, patients, and families of diverse ethnic backgrounds, races, ages, lifestyles & physical abilities.

Interbody Fusions is a true minimally invasive procedure that has revolutionized the treatment of back and neck pain.

The Indian Railways has co-developed an Artificial Intelligence-enabled system to ensure meals are prepared in hygienic conditions.

Top AI thinkers including Future Today Institute founder Amy Webb, Primer CEO and founder Sean Gourley, and former world chess champion Garry Kasparov, share their thoughts on the future of machine and human interaction, at WSJ's Future of Everything Festival.