Travel in Sonoma, CA

Sonoma County is known for its wine, but make no mistake: this region offers a full culinary experience. Here are our 25 picks from casual to high end.

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It’s well known that Agoston Haraszthy, aka the Count of Buena Vista, still makes the Sonoma Valley his stomping grounds – or at least he does when Buena Vista Winery’s George Webber dons his guise.

Being able to play hooky and spend a day in Napa Valley for some retail therapy is a charming luxury exclusive to living in Northern California. Calling on one

Visit downtown, the city and more! Discover all the restaurants, arts, entertainment and lodging options that ...

San Francisco has long been known as a hub for innovation and creativity. That same culture applies within the nightlife scene. Whether you prefer cocktails or craft beer, there is a seemingly endless number of innovative bars catering to all types. The following are a few highlights, all of which have received awards.

With a new Japanese-inflected hotel-restaurant hybrid that even the locals are talking about, Sonoma's having a moment.

There is no better way to learn about the Napa Valley and all of it has to offer than on a guided tour. And...

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Think you don’t have the space or the budget to start a wine cellar? Think again. With a few tips, a stellar collection can be within everyone's reach.

Sonoma County is home to world-class wine. Learn more about Sonoma Wine and discover the diversity that creates our unique wines.

Use these great Sonoma Wine Tasting finds as a starting point for your trip to the Sonoma Wine Country. We found great boutique wineries for you to enjoy!

Most events that have the word “Pinot” in the name capture me and my attention. Especially those close to home. Living in the mecca for great California Pinot Noir is no joke to us Pino…

Founded in 1972, Jordan was inspired by the great wine estates of France and the timeless connection between food, wine and hospitality.

Hidden amongst southern Michigan’s Amish country, Jonesville is uniquely blessed with a number of affordable dining options that feel straight out of a bigger city. The two standouts, both managed by the same owner/chef, are located directly across the street from each other on Jonesville’s main drag. Saucy Dog’s, a pleasantly dog-themed BBQ joint, serves everything from barbecue chicken to brisket, all flavored with the restaurant’s…

A growing number of wine-preservation systems, from $10 plastic pumps to $300 devices, promise to give oenophiles days or weeks to drink a bottle. But do any of them work?

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