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Oregano oil, which comes from the fragrant herb commonly used for flavoring food, offers practical uses and health applications.

In 2009, Calistoga was granted a status of American Viticultural Area, or AVA.

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However, falls aren't something that just happens when you age, there are proven ways to reduce falls.
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These salads are quick and easy, require minimal or no cooking, and are the perfect way to enjoy all the produce that's in season now.

Do you use your freezer to preserve herbs, vegetables, or fruit

You wouldn't let a little thing like not having a corkscrew stop you from enjoying that bottle of wine you just bought, right?

People who lay off the butter and cheese and who pour olive oil onto their salads instead live longer and lower their risk of heart disease.

Some funny wine quotes are so hysterical that you might be in danger of snorting wine through your nose. Gross, I know. However, you’ve been forewarned.

Archaeologists are continually discovering millennia-old wineries, but few still in business today can boast a history stretching back to the Middle Ages.

Click ALL yellow buttons under each photo to see the answers. (It's not really a quiz, so it doesn't keep score.) This quiz only covers eastern poison ivy, but we will add a Pacific poison oak quiz.

A national olive oil brand sprouts from Valley soil
by Jodi Raley
From Madera County orchards to store shelves in New York, Vincent Ricchiuti has delivered the product of Italian heritage and California soil to consumers nationwide.
With 98 percent of olive oil consumed in the United States imported from other nations, Ricchiuti recognized an opportunity and created

New research by a team of U.C. Berkeley scientists shows that organic systems can also be highly productive.

The Sonoma County Waste Management Agency provides recycling, hazardous waste, disposal and composting information for residents and businesses in Sonoma County, California.