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$465 per quarter including GST, shipping and insurance
Every 3 months we will send you a Regional Tasting Pack which showcases one internationally famous wine growing region. You’ll receive 6 premium, critically-acclaimed wines, which have been chosen for their unique flavour, indisputable enjoyment factor and how well they characterise what makes the region and it’s wines so iconic
To further guide you on your tasting journey…

A recent study published by the American Association of Wine Economists found that U.S. consumers are willing to pay more for a bottle of wine that contains a cork rather than screw cap closure.

I recently had the pleasure of learning more and shopping online with Millesima USA and I am hooked! If you are looking for ‘Quality’ and ‘True Authenticity’ when purchasing…

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Students from Clemson University and Spartanburg Community College learned more about the science, art and business of tree care during a recent visit to the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories and Experimental Grounds.
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softflexcompany.com Soft Flex® Beading Wire - All Diameters: softflexcompany.com/beading-wire/ Soft Flex® Craft Wire - All Gauges: so...

Wow! We featured some absolutely stunning jewelry designs this week. Our video recaps are a great way to watch how different designers work. When you have been working with a medium, like Soft Flex Beading Wire or Soft Flex Craft Wire, for as long as they have, you adopt your own nuances and styles. Watching these videos is a great way to add to your design knowledge.…
Good day, beautiful beaders! Have you been enjoying our blogs featuring Margie Deeb? She is a…

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Looking for fresh, organic California extra virgin olive oil? The Olive Press in Sonoma, Ca. makes award-winning varieties of olive oil and features inviting tasting rooms in Sonoma and Napa.

There are some pest issues on evergreen trees to check for now. If found, make plans for control this spring and summer. We can’t do much else in our yards

The 34th Annual Lowcountry Home and Garden Show will offer more than 100 Home & Garden related booths with many local experts who will be on hand to answer home improvement questions, garden and landscaping questions and cooking and healthy living questions. There will also be free workshops on topics to help spruce...

The 2019 Maine Flower Show, where landscapers, exhibitors, designers, and horticulturists come together in one annual event. March 28 – 31, 2019.

When it comes to selecting what tree to plant in your landscape, the simple advice of “plant the right tree, in the right spot” can save years of additional maintenance,