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Going back to school means getting back to a routine including making time to pack lunches and snacks and scheduling time for being active.

Did you see the move Cast Away starring Tom Hanks? If so, you probably remember the scene where Hanks, stranded on a remote island, knocks out his own abscessed tooth — with an ice skate, no less — to stop the pain. Recently, Dear Doctor TV interviewed Gary Archer, the dental technician

When your braces finally come off, you’ll hopefully be astounded by what you see –once-crooked teeth replaced by a more attractive smile. But you might also see something you didn’t expect: noticeable white spots on some of your teeth.These spots called white spot lesions (WSLs) appear

Dr. Glen A. Monson, of Monroe, WA cares for his patients with cosmetic dentistry services, dental implants, dentures, sleep apnea treatments and snoring devices.

These strength training workouts for distance runners can be done in front of the TV and use body weight to build strength and improve performance.

It's true of cars. It's true of appliances. It's true of most mechanical devices: A little bit of preventative maintenance can save you lots of money and h

Looking for motivation to get out the door for a run? Learn why running will undoubtedly make you happier, even if you're feeling blue.

Today’s sad reality is that physical inactivity is the new norm. Our bodies were designed for movement, but research shows that in developed and developing nations, we are becoming inactive societies. This drastic change is leading to long-term health issues and shortened life expectancies. In just 44 years (approximately 1.5 generations), physical activity in the …

In fighting the good fight to keep you and your family safe from mosquito attacks and the diseases they bring, there is a growing market of safe and effect

Selecting a hike, packing the gear, and slipping into your boots are the first steps to an enjoyable and successful hike. Many people, however, spend little time thinking about a very important issue — the energy they will be expending. Just like a car needs fuel to drive, your body needs food and drink in …