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Every quality shur-loc product is designed to make your shop more productive than ever before! From our Premium Fabric Panels to the E-Z Frame System, each shur-loc product is created with your needs in mind
From the seasoned professional using multiple automatic presses to the garage start-up with a single head manual, there's a shur-loc product to save you time and money.
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FREE SAMPLE - 23x31 M3 Endurance Fabric Panel
-- SOLD OUT - Check back for future offers soon! --
Thank you to everyone that requested a free sample of our 23x31 M3 Endurance Fabric Panel. We are currently out of stock on our sample panels
Want to try the latest breakthrough product in the screen industry? We've made it about as easy as stretching an "E-Z" frame at a cost that you can't argue with - FREE! Your sample panel will include…

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The bi-directional shur-loc® shur-chek 130 Tension Meter is the perfect compliment to anyone using the shur-loc® fabric panel or traditional fabric stretching
- Jeweled movement insures accuracy to +/- 1% for the full scale of the dial. Measures 0 – 130 N/cm. Comes with its own calibration certificate
- Indicator made to AGD design specifications. The meter accurately measures deflection of all screen printing fabrics to…

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