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That’s how it happened to me too
I was on a flight from NYC to DC in my mid-thirties, trying to close an important acquisition of a portfolio company by a publicly traded company.
I had no idea what was happening to me, but I couldn’t breathe, and I was freaking out.
Anyone who has had one of these things knows how it feels.
Right after it happened I went to see my regular doctor and got a prescription for medication that can…

Official Post from Laura Klein and Kate Rutter: In this episode, Kate and Laura talk about not wasting time making the wrong stuff. You'll be completely unsurprised that what sorts of deliverables you should make for your team depends entirely on who you're making stuff for and what you want out of it. Drink Pairing: Grappa

I am fifty-seven years old today
As I have done for the last twenty years, I plan to spend the day at the beach surrounded by family.
Birthdays don’t bum me out. I look forward to them. They are a time to celebrate life.
And that is what I plan to do.
I will make time today for myself, my work, and my friends and family.
Which is a microcosm of where I find myself in mid-life, seeking and largely finding a balance…

Without a solid approach, health care expenses may add up quickly and potentially alter your spending.

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Prepare yourself and your mind for the day so you can make the most of it
Come invigorate yourself, reduce stress, develop your mind, and learn about and practice meditation
Len Silverston, who is not only a data management, data governance, and data modeling thought leader, but is also a fully ordained Zen priest and spiritual teacher, will provide this brief overview of what meditation is,…

Harley A Daily , Data Governance Program Manager, Booz Allen Hamilton
Data Governance is a multi-faceted discipline often perceived as nebulous and academic rather than action oriented. Because ERP implementations are costly and complex, there is a fear that data governance will only hinder progress and compromise deadlines. It is essential that data governance teams take a tactical approach to inserting governance. First, the data governance…

Peter Drummond, portfolio director Baggage at SITA, discusses how airports can improve their baggage handling capabilities

Quality Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:QSII), known to its clients as NextGen Healthcare, will be honoring the heroes who work at health centers and help make

How easy is it to stay in an unhealthy relationship that isn’t the perfect fit? Months or maybe years pass after committing and then there is the

This is often the first component security executives look at when building up their capabilities. It takes charge of managing detected incidents for all information systems.

Saudi Arabia’s General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has selected global IT provider SITA to support the modernization of the country’s biggest airports, implementing a sweeping transformation of airport and communication technology across 26 airports. The new implementation marks another major milestone in the decade-long partnership between GACA and SITA.

Organizations that are just beginning to implement Data Governance programs often have a difficult time getting started. There are several reasons for this and several key components that must be addressed appropriately to assure a smooth start and program longevity. The truth is that getting started does not have to be as difficult as one would think
In this tutorial with Bob Seiner, he will address…

CMOs still have headway to make to prove their value to executive management. While they sit at the executive table with the rest of the C-suite, they often lack the influence of their peers. They also have the shortest tenure of all the C-suite roles
As a CMO, you may be doing all the right things…but you may be using the wrong language to communicate the outcomes. Business value doesn’t rest within so-called “vanity” metrics or soft marketing KPIs. Marketing leaders must be…