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Aesop has some great fables but my favorite is The Tortoise and The Hare. I was reminded of it yesterday when I saw this chart in my colleague Nick ‘s deck for a talk he is giving this week in Hong Kong
That is the installed base of iOS phones vs Android phones globally over the last decade.
I have been a long and loud fan of Android’s open (or at least more open) model and an equally long and loud detractor…

The Gotham Gal and I went through our (actually her) angel investments yesterday and figured out which ones went under in 2018 so we could take the tax write-offs on our 2018 returns
It is an odd exercise. Kind of like reading the obituaries.
But it is an important exercise for several reasons.
First, taking the write-offs against the gains shelters the gains so they can be re-invested in full. Over her first six years of investing (2007-2012), she has realized a bit…

Alabama and Clemson will soon face-off in the college football national football championship, but the rivals have one things in common: Both are led on the field by devout Christians.…

Try the floral trend on for size in this chic sheer blouse from Patrons of Peace. Features a button up pleated front, flare sleeves, skirted hemline, and an boho floral pattern of gold, rose and olive. Wear with a pair of skinnies, tan booties, and a neutral cardi for a perfect look to transition through the seasons. Semi sheer, shown styled with a seamless cami (sold separately). True to size
Model is wearing a size Small.
Small measures 18" in front and 21"…

Is exercise on your list of New Year’s Resolutions? Man’s best friend can be your best exercise partner. With your dog as your workout companion, you’ll get a loyal and eager exercise partner in return. Research has shown that you’re more likely to stick to your fitness program if you exercise with your furry friend. …

Cute, cool and comfortable for warm days ahead, a slipdress-style maxi offers a perfectly draped silhouette that's easy to dress up or down. Fit is true to size. Model is wearing a size S
S measures 62" in length
Side slits
54% cotton, 44% modal, 2% spandex
Hand wash cold. Hang to dry.
If you would like to see more photos or speak with one of our stylists with any further questions regarding this specific product, please call us at 678-309-9550 anytime during…

Before Flip was a USV portfolio company, it was angel funded by the Gotham Gal and Flip’s founder Susannah Vila went on the Gotham Gal’s podcast last month to talk about how she got the idea to start Flip and how she has gone about building the company. It is a great listen.

Raw-edge tiers at the hem update a staple tee of slubbed cotton from Bobi. Fit is true to size. Model is wearing a size M.
Size S measures 21" in length.
100% cotton
If you would like to see more photos or speak with one of our stylists with any further questions regarding this specific product, please call us at 678-309-9550 anytime during business hours 7 days a week!

With all the protective styles for natural hair that exist, there’s no reason not to show off your unique curls and personal style. The ways you can express yourself through your hair even while shielding it from the cold winter weather are limitless! We have some favorite protective styles we want to share with you, but feel free to add your own spin to them and really make them your own.

Using her Protective Styles Thick And Full Bamboo And Coconut Milk Moisturizing Mint Shampoo, Taliah Waajid shows us how she gives her natural curls a cleans...

Cleaning up your holiday decorations can be both stress-free and invigorating with these tips on reorganizing your apartment!

A patient with pain on tooth No. 19 with a crown, a previous root canal, and a separated file considered extraction and an implant, which ultimately weren't necessary.

If you’re going to go to all the fuss of throwing a party, then make it a memorable one. No offense to mom, but those old-school recipes laden with mayonnaise aren’t going to go over well with a refined foodie crowd. Check out these recipe ideas for a more sophisticated (and tasty!) soirée
1. Charcuterie board – What was once just a simple way to enjoy a selection of meats, these appetizer boards are an elegant way to serve snackable foods. Stock yours…

Kathy S.: I love tight hold, it is compatible with any product with no flaking!